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IN THE Spotlight



+ MarkWest Liberty Midstream
& Resources’ Houston natural gas Digging for info with
processing plant (featured in our I think it was a missing piece in the
integrated services we could provide
last issue of Elements) was recently archeologist Beth Hillen A to our clients. Now, if a client needs
named the 2012 Project of the a Corps permit, as an example, we can handle
Year in the Industrial Category by What are Cultural all of the necessary services in house—one
the Engineers’ Society of Western Resource Management point of contact. It allows us to off er clients the
Pennsylvania (ESWP). The ESWP Q services? full suite of services necessary to take care of
annual Awards of Distinction Cultural Resource Management a project, simplifying project coordination and
reducing project schedules.
services stem out of the need to
recognize outstanding projects from A comply with Section 106 of the
the Western Pennsylvania region. ■ National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) of As CEC continues to focus
1966. Any undertaking with federal funding, on the Electric Utilities,
federal permits, or that needs federal ap proval, Q Manufacturing, Mining, Real
must take into account cultural resources. Estate, Natural Gas and Solid Waste
industries, as well as on the Public
How the various agencies defi ne what an Sector, is Cultural Resource Management
“undertaking” is can determine whether going to play a role in more than one of
cultural resources investigations must be these primary markets?
performed, or to what extent. There are two Defi nitely! Cultural Resource
types: archeological resources (below-ground Management is a natural fi t for
resources like prehistoric or early historic A all of the markets CEC supports.
sites) and architectural/history resources We can now serve as a single point of contact
(above-ground resources like structures and for our Natural Gas clients, particularly in
(From left to right) Joe Lex (MarkWest), the Marcellus and Utica shale plays. Electric
Scott Mills (CSD Engineers), Shane Hecht What do you think the Utilities, in addition to having massive
(MarkWest), Harry Watson (Chapman addition of Cultural Resource sites, are not unlike the Natural Gas industry
Corporation), Tim Miller (CEC), Tom Clawson Q Management means for CEC? with their transmission lines traversing the
(URS Corporation), Chuck Come (Cimation)


CEC joined 46 exhibitors and roughly 4,400 kids of all ages at Carnegie Science Center in
Pittsburgh for its Engineer the Future event in observance of National Engineers Week.

Engineer the Future is a two-day celebration principles of structural integrity, buoyancy, encourage kids to try something diff erent.
of the science of engineering and highlights surface tension and weight distribution; Our goal is to create interest in the fi eld
the region’s achievements and advances a land-planning coloring activity had kids by shedding light on the paths that are
in architecture, building and construction. thinking about where to place residential, available in engineering and science.”
Professional societies, universities and commercial and recreational properties;
some of the region’s prominent companies and a chemistry activity demonstrated how “You never know what event or what
each develop unique science and diff erent polymers aff ect samples of various experience is going to lead a person down
engineering-related exhibits and activities soil types. his or her path,” said Carol Schoemer,
to engage young visitors. program coordinator of Carnegie Science
“We’re trying to stimulate the minds Center’s Engineer the Future event. “You’re
CEC volunteers energetically led three of the next generation of engineers and helping us share the science that sparks a
hands-on learning experiences: A tin foil scientists,” said Ryan Adam, one of little ‘Wow!’ moment.” ■
boat design competition explored basic CEC’s senior associates. “These displays
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