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When “excited” by an Spotlight
external energy source,
atoms emit X-ray photons
that help determine what
elements are present
in a sample.
Bat Biologist Ryan Slack Sounds Off

What projects require
threatened and endangered
Q species surveys and why? Where are we in a
any kind of government permitting Q typical survey life cycle?
Any project involving tree clearing or
B There is huge demand for these surveys A free and clear if there are no known
A or funding, which is the big trigger.
From November 15th to March
31st, clients can cut trees down
within the expanding natural gas industry,
where connecting new well pads to midstream
services and, in some cases, connecting populations of Indiana bats around. USFWS
multi-state pipelines is critical. evaluates every project and allows for an
opportunity to cut the trees in the winter when
the bats are in caves and not on the landscape
VISUALIZING THE EXTENT What would you say are some where they could be harmed. However, if
of the biggest challenges
OF CONTAMINATION Q clients face with regard to we don’t catch anything during our summer
More than 1,200 surface and 1,200 these surveys? surveys, clients may cut trees any time of the
year, not just during this short winter time frame.
subsurface soil samples were collected to There is a shortage of trained
and certifi ed people to perform
delineate areas of contamination at the A the work. At CEC, we have diff erent How can CEC help keep
former EaglePicher smelter site in Galena, tiers of qualifi ed bat biologists and a good Q projects on track?
Kansas. Each sample location provided mix of all the qualifi cations in house. Our
scientists with concentration information U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service-approved bat The original May 15th to August 15th
for up to seven constituents: mercury, surveyors are experienced in conducting survey window is shrinking in some
habitat assessments and mist-net surveys A states, like Ohio where it’s now June
lead, chromium, copper, zinc, arsenic and for the federally endangered gray bat (Myotis 15th to July 31st. We have to rethink how we do
cadmium. grisescens) and Indiana bat (Myotis sodalis). our surveys in diff erent states. It’s good to have
Indiana bats range across 29 states, and we an army of people like we do. This started last
It was clear that traditional methods have somebody in-house who is supremely summer and it’s only going to continue. We’re
of mapping would not be suffi cient, qualifi ed in most of those core states. prepared for that.
considering the amount of data collected.
Tom DiVittis, CEC’s Corporate CADD
Program Development Manager, had an
idea to employ 3D visualization using IN THE LIFE IS BUT
AutoCAD Civil 3D software, a program
typically utilized for modeling of surface
topography and above-ground data. NEWS A STREAM
Once the data was entered, the graphic NSF GRANT AWARDED
conveying the extent of contamination SCIENCE FOR THE REAL WORLD
was produced rapidly. The modeling CEC Principal Timothy Nuttle, Ph.D., was The new Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic
showed how much contaminated soil awarded a National Science Foundation High School in Cranberry Township,
grant to investigate changes in stream
existed at each test location and at what conditions and how they aff ect the Pennsylvania, has entered the fi nal phases
depths, as well as how much would need kinds of insects and other small of construction and site development,
to be excavated and encapsulated. ■ invertebrates that are available as during which time CEC completed two
feedstock for birds – specifi cally the stream restoration projects within the
“CEC’s creative thinking Louisiana Waterthrush, a species of bird watershed that were constructed to off set
helped us identify a that lives in forests along streams. The stream impacts.
completely new set of research is being conducted at Presented with a unique opportunity
Powdermill Nature Reserve, a fi eld
workfl ows and opened station of Pittsburgh’s Carnegie to expand the curriculum to include
outdoor classroom experiences, school
new avenues.” Museum of Natural History, and is a administrators engaged CEC in the
collaboration between CEC, Carnegie
– Chakri Gavini, Senior Product Manager Museums of Pittsburgh, The National development process, believing the stream
Autodesk, Inc. (developer of Civil 3D Aviary, Duquesne University, and the restoration projects would provide excellent
software) University of Guelph in Ontario. ■ subject matter. Dan Maltese, head of CEC
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