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One City’s Response

Overcoming the layered complexities of urban redevelopment

Artistry is a mixed-use space with urban apartment homes and nearly 68,000 square feet of commercial office space downtown.

Between 2008 and 2018, The Indiana Avenue Streetscape project integrates transformative catalytic projects. Collins
trees, ground level plantings, public art, new lighting believes projects are most successful when
the City of Indianapolis will and bike lanes. private firms with specific know-how for
welcome 7,500 new residents tackling issues have experience working
downtown, and with this managing the moving parts and collectively with the city’s varied departments.
migration will come needs for making sure the right things happen for
places to work, play and learn. growth to occur—a systems approach “What really differentiates CEC,” Collins
to redevelopment that enhances overall said, “is that they know how to do business
To spur and accommodate this growth, quality of life.” with the municipality and bring creative
Indianapolis, like many of our nation’s solutions to the table. CEC understands
cities, had to overcome its aging and Adam Collins, Deputy Director of Economic what the City can and can’t be flexible
complex physical infrastructure system, Development for the City of Indianapolis, on, so time isn’t spent on items that
including deteriorating utilities, auto-centric believes that the City’s vision and strategy aren’t feasible or practical. CEC has found
transportation patterns and distressed have been clear from the start. “We want to ways to be involved in what are hugely
historic buildings. attract and retain talent for our businesses transformative projects for the City of
and community. Vibrant, walkable, livable Indianapolis.” Some of these projects
Downtowns are complex locations for urban neighborhoods are what people want, include a charter school, a division
redevelopment, let alone the fact that and we must deliver that product to meet headquarters office building, a 300-unit,
there are many stakeholders, each with a our goals. For that to happen, everyone 28-story apartment building, a mixed-
unique set of concerns. “Frequently, you needs to be on the same page.” use, 500-unit development, and multiple
have a developer who is uncertain of his projects for the city’s fifth largest employer
infrastructure demands, multiple utility Indianapolis benefits from a strong heritage with nearly 2,000 employees.
providers with specific requirements within of public-private partnerships. Stakeholders
tight space constraints, and multiple city have open minds and are willing to talk Today, Indianapolis is ahead of the national
departments, each managing a specific about and look at innovative solutions for curve in bringing people back to the urban
community asset,” said Aaron Hurt, CEC core, establishing itself as one of the most
Vice President and Indianapolis office lead. walkable and livable cities in the United
States. Roughly 40 projects, representing
“All parties need to understand each other’s $1 billion of new private investment, are
goals,” said David Roth, CEC Principal, currently under consideration or in the
“but there also needs to be a universal pipeline—all of which will increase the
understanding of the community’s goals. vitality of this emerging city. n
It’s not about a singular project; it’s about
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