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What are some of the emerging time frame. When we have a couple folks Elements is published by Civil & Environmental
technology trends that clients who know a project well and have familiarity Consultants, Inc. for clients, business partners
with requirements, we can split them up and other associates.
Q should be aware of? and combine them with other staff to create
Probably the most exciting thing additional crews and meet the demands of Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.
going on is terrestrial (ground- the workload. 333 Baldwin Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15205
A based) LiDAR. LiDAR creates an Regional familiarity is another. There are
different requirements from state to state
extremely detailed 3D image product in real and a general way that things are done on G E F F B O T T O M L E Y | Publisher
time using millions of acquired intelligent the local level—everything from staking
data points. When we welcomed our new requirements to the survey land systems. E M I LY C H I O D O | Editor/Writer
Knoxville office, we picked up this technology When it comes to topography, elevation can
and with it the tremendous experience of be much more critical in flatter areas where T A R A K I R K M A N | Art Director
their staff. LiDAR scanning allows CEC to offer drainage can be difficult. It’s easy to get
significant time savings and increased safety water from the top of a hill to the bottom, but B D & E , I N C . , P I T T S B U R G H | Design
versus traditional land surveying techniques in a flat area, we may have to do more of a
with a conventional crew. constrained grid to get the information we PHOTO CREDITS
need for a project to drain. Michael Robinson Photographs
Also, some of our projects have incorporated Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
the use of GPS machine-controlled surface Q Does survey apply across all Milhaus Development
modeling, like stream restoration projects or of the markets we serve? Heartland Design
Department of Transportation projects. It’s A We have always completed survey
a relatively new technology that not a lot of work for real estate projects, and For information, address changes, corrections or
companies have mastered wherein computer as markets opened up, we were additions to the mailing list, contact 1.800.365.2324
models are developed from design plans or email
specifically to use with automated construction able to offer services to entirely new clients.
equipment for excavating and grading. OFFICES
CEC surveyors have completed projects Austin, TX
What benefits do clients Boston, MA
receive from our having requiring horizontal and vertical control, Bridgeport, WV
Charlotte, NC
Q o ces in multiple locations? topographic, construction and as-built, Chicago, IL
Manpower, for one. For instance Cincinnati, OH
the natural gas work we’re doing boundary and land title, geodetic, route, Columbus, OH
Detroit, MI
A out of our Bridgeport, Columbus, settlement and displacement, and volumetric Export, PA
Indianapolis, IN
Export, Pittsburgh and Sayre offices. A client surveys. From mining, natural gas and power Knoxville, TN
needed a project to be done in two weeks that Nashville, TN
would normally have taken six. We were able to solid waste and manufacturing, there’s Philadelphia, PA
to pull multiple crews from different offices to Phoenix, AZ
complete the project within the compressed really no market that is not in need of survey Pittsburgh, PA
services at some point. n Sayre, PA
Sevierville, TN
Ohio’s Clermont County Soil & Water vimineum) at Brown County State Park, Indiana’s St. Louis, MO
Conservation District was awarded a most visited state park with about 1.3 million Toledo, OH
Conservation Innovation Grant from USDA to yearly visitors. Japanese stilt grass is the most
demonstrate how watershed modeling and best rapidly spreading invasive plant in the county and Back Cover:
management practices can be used to improve a serious threat to woodland health and diversity. PHOTO CONTEST WINNER
water quality in local streams. CEC Cincinnati WILLY WHITE / CEC PITTSBURGH
employees assisted the effort by harvesting The handiwork of our Pittsburgh GIS experts is
wetland plants at nearby East Fork State Park on permanent display in Mt. Lebanon, a suburb CEC sponsors a Photo-of-the-Month contest
and transplanting them to an experimental of the city. CEC worked with the Public Works encouraging employees to submit photos from
agricultural best management practice area. Department, Parks Advisory Board and the their work sites. The winning photo is published
Mt. Lebanon Nature Conservancy to create on CEC’s internal website and social media pages.
Staff from CEC Indianapolis lent a hand to maps for nine passive parks. The entrances to
a native woodlands project by helping to Bird and Twin Hills Parks have new kiosks with
eradicate Japanese stilt grass (Microstegium maps on display. n
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