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2 It’s not about history;

it’s about the future.

4 There hasn’t been much talk or refl ection regarding our

25th anniversary; reaching that milestone is something
Q A that Jim Roberts, Jim Nairn, Greg Quatchak and I planned
for and expected. Our focus is, and always has been,
4 on what’s out there for us to accomplish in the future.
When I think about the future of CEC, I see such limitless
opportunity in front of us to build an even stronger
4 company because of the capabilities of our employees. You
can employ any business philosophy you want, but if you
don’t have the right people, you won’t be successful. It has
become clear over the years that our employees not only
care for our clients, they also care for each other and enjoy
working together.

1 ONE IS SILVER AND Four people can only have so much infl uence on an
organization of our size. Our progress is the product of
Commitment to a Long-term Client what our people accomplish together every day. That’s why
2 THE TRAILBLAZERS CEC has been successful, and that’s what we’ll continue to
Awards for Innovation
4 SPOTLIGHT focus on and recognize the importance of moving forward.
Interview with CEC’s Four Founders
CECFit for the Future
Recent Recognition

Kenneth R. Miller, P.E.
President and CEO
July 17, 2014

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FirstEnergy’s 965-acre Little Blue Run disposal
impoundment is contained behind a dam
constructed of more than 9 million cubic yards
of rock fi ll and measuring 2,200 feet wide at the Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.
crest and 400 feet tall.
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