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To expand disposal volume and service life of the
LBR impoundment, more than 8.5 miles of synthetic
geotubes were constructed above the original grades
to contain nearly 4 million cubic feet of CCRs annually.
One is

and the

other is Gold

Shortly after starting a new Now in its 25th year, CEC remains Metamorphosis
job in 1973, Jim Nairn was steadfastly committed to serving In 2012, when the Pennsylvania DEP
sent to pick up samples of coal clients like FirstEnergy. requested a major permit modifi cation
combustion residuals (CCRs) proposing a permanent site closure plan,
from a coal-fi red power plant. CEC designed and evaluated 15 closure
Little did he know at the time that these scenarios, fi eld testing the constructability
samples were being tested for Ohio Edison’s of the most promising alternatives. To
proposed Little Blue Run (LBR) disposal evaluate the impact each scenario would
impoundment, which would eventually have on groundwater fl ow and quality
become the largest CCR disposal facility in surrounding the facility, CEC prepared a
the United States. It also would be the start digital groundwater model to evaluate these
of a business relationship that has lasted conditions for up to 250 years after closure.
more than four decades. The fi nal closure permit submission was

Years later, when Jim Nairn joined with made in March of 2013, and the closure
plan, which calls for capping the entire
Jim Roberts, Ken Miller and Greg Quatchak Test plots were used to evaluate performance of 965-acre facility with a geomembrane liner
to found Civil & Environmental Consultants, various species of perennial grasses and forbs for and soil cover, was approved one year later.
soil-less revegetation of the CCRs.
Inc., Ohio Edison (now FirstEnergy) was Closure is slated to begin in 2017.
continuing to rely on this evolving and
trusted relationship. At the Ready Continuity
Today, FirstEnergy’s LBR disposal For nearly 25 years, CEC has provided Over the years, technologies advanced,
a wide range of services relating to the
impoundment encompasses 965 acres assessment, permitting, design and objectives changed, regulations evolved,
within a 1,700-acre permit area along operation of the LBR impoundment, and new people and ideas came into
the Ohio River in Greene Township, and also has investigated and mitigated play. “Through it all, CEC has been
Pennsylvania, and Hancock County, West environmental concerns, and designed and fortunate to have had the opportunity
Virginia. LBR is used for the disposal of managed both an extensive environmental to continuously provide engineering and
CCRs from FirstEnergy’s 2,490-Megawatt monitoring system and numerous air quality environmental services to FirstEnergy for
(MW) Bruce Mansfi eld coal-fi red power and meteorological monitoring stations several decades,” said Nairn. “We are
station, the largest power station in in and around the facility. All told, nearly indebted to FirstEnergy for their loyalty
Pennsylvania. The station’s three 350 monitoring points are sampled and and confi dence in our organization and
generating units produce enough analyzed at frequencies ranging from once look forward to the prospect of continuing
electricity to power 1.5 million homes. per week to once per quarter. our long-lived relationship.” ■
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