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“Three clear examples stood out
in 2013 as trailblazers to launch
the new CEC Awards for Innovation
program.” -Ken Miller

Paper Cut

Paperwork. It eats up valuable time, which
translates to project costs for clients.
It’s even more frustrating, for both the
consultant and the client, when it is
duplicative or repetitive. But for those
who refuse to accept the status quo, there
is always a better way. That’s why Chris
Dohner and Barry VanLaarhoven, out of
CEC’s Boston offi ce, decided to look critically
at one process with which they were all too
familiar: Geosynthetics Construction Quality
Assurance (CQA) reporting.
In the past, information collected by fi eld
technicians during the deployment of
geomembrane panels has been handwritten
Trailblazers on paper forms. The information has then
been transferred to electronic forms to
be included in the Construction Quality
Certi fi cation Report. Information gathered
includes, but is not limited to: geosynthetic
receipt logs, geomembrane deployment

panel fi eld seaming logs, geomembrane
One of the chief ways intelligence presses forward logs, trial seam reports, geomembrane
destructive testing logs and geomembrane
is through innovation, which is recognized as an important
contributor to growth—individual growth, industry growth
and company growth. Innovation, in turn, depends on the
creative individuals who dream up new ideas, processes
and technologies and make them a reality.

The CEC Awards for Innovation were developed with two equally
important objectives in mind:

To identify and recognize excellence in developing value-creating
new products and services;

To provide a learning vehicle for all CEC employees while affi rming
our fi rm’s Core Values of Safety, Integrity, Collaboration, Personal
and Professional Development, and Service Excellence.
CEC will champion innovations that make an impact on clients, systems
and service off erings. The individual or group of individuals who create
value on behalf of CEC and its clients will be recognized and presented with Initial performance data for the tablet application
an award during the Annual Planning Meeting held in Pittsburgh each year. showed a 370% increase in effi ciency.
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