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Elements is published by Civil & Environmental
Consultants, Inc. for clients, business partners
and other associates.
Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.
333 Baldwin Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15205
Ken Miller Jim Nairn Greg Quatchak Jim Roberts GEFF BOTTOMLEY | Publisher
in the company, and those leaders had to to take advantage of the opportunities. But EMILY CHIODO | Editor/Writer
be in two places at one time: running the while you do need to take your job seriously, TARA KIRKMAN | Art Director
company and also in the fi eld making please don’t take yourself too seriously. BD&E, INC., PITTSBURGH | Design
high-level decisions. CEC and the client PHOTO CREDITS
came through with fl ying colors. GQ: For a young person entering college or Jim Wark
leaving high school, I would encourage him McGraw Hill Construction
Ben Blasingame
or her to give strong consideration to STEM
What advice would you
Q give a young person or education. The possibilities for your career Michael Ciccone
Shawn French
Tara Kirkman
young entrepreneur?
will be limitless. Embrace your technical
Kevin Knapp
A KM: Every problem is diff erent and knowledge, but don’t forget about the Nate Ober
Leon Wright
there’s no one philosophy that works
interpersonal skills. It’s still a people-oriented
For information, address changes, corrections or
every day. Just be willing to work
business. Go beyond the smartphone and all
additions to the mailing list, contact 1.800.365.2324
harder than everybody else. If you are bright
and you work hard, you will come out on top. If of the technology that will be available at your or email
fi ngertips and stay engaged with people.
you actually start thinking “Boy, this is tough,” OFFICES
you’re going to get too caught up in “Boy, JR: To a young entrepreneur, I would say think Austin, TX
this is tough.” Stay focused on the job, solve about it long and hard, think about what it will Boston, MA
problems and continue; it’s just what you’re take, and make sure your family is on board Bridgeport, WV
supposed to do. with this decision because it is a signifi cant Charlotte, NC
commitment of time and energy. Think about Chicago, IL
JN: My advice is hard work. If you want to be building the right team because the challenges Cincinnati, OH
Cleveland, OH
successful, it’s not something that you’re going are diffi cult. Think about your strengths and Columbus, OH
to be able to do in an eight-hour day. You must weaknesses and build a team that addresses Detroit, MI
keep up with regulations, trends and best your weaknesses. ■ Export, PA
practices and identify changes that are in store Indianapolis, IN
Knoxville, TN
Nashville, TN
Philadelphia, PA
Phoenix, AZ
Pittsburgh, PA
Sayre, PA
St. Louis, MO
Toledo, OH

Back Cover:

CEC sponsors a Photo-of-the-Month contest
The project team accepts Engineering encouraging employees to submit pictures from
News-Record’s Global Best Projects their work sites. The winning photo is published
award for a Green Project. on CEC’s internal website and Facebook page.

The Center for Sustainable Landscapes (CSL) at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens
in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was named a winner in Engineering News-Record’s Global Best
Projects competition. The CSL was selected as the winner in the Green Project category. ■
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