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Insidethis Issue A Positive Impact
There is always a lot to look forward to at CEC: new
3 challenging technical opportunities; completed projects
coming online every day; new services and staff being added
4 to help us better serve our existing clients; and new clients
who are discovering the many high-quality services and
4 integrated solutions we provide. And while my sights are
generally focused on the future and on ways to continuously
4 improve upon all that we have built, reflection on those
who have been instrumental to our success is appropriate.
1 E V E R Y TH I N G F A L L S Recently, many of us have been reflecting on the foundation
INTO PLACE that was laid more than 25 years ago by my colleague and
CEC co-founder Jim Nairn, who retired at the end of 2014.
A True Visitor Experience
3 H A R V E ST I N G F R O M When you read the article about Jim in the Spotlight, I hope
it will help you begin to understand and get a sense of the
TH E F A R M S tremendous impact he made—not only within CEC, but
Enabling Renewable Energy Generation also for the hundreds of clients he so diligently worked for
4 I N TH E N E W S throughout his impressive career.
Principal Lauren Parker Appointed to Task Force
4 Spo t lig h t On further reflection, I know the three engineers who
CEC Co-Founder Jim Nairn Retires co-founded CEC surely needed the one geologist for CEC
4 AWARDS AND RECOGNITION to be successful. We thank Jim for all of his immeasurable
People and Project Accolades contributions and wish him all the very best.

On the Cover: Kenneth R. Miller, P.E.
Ohiopyle Falls provide a natural focal point
within Ohiopyle State Park, Pennsylvania’s President and CEO
most visited state park and the southern July 31, 2015
gateway into the Laurel Highlands.
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