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a big mistake. In the early stages of my career, q What do you think was your Elements is published by Civil & Environmental
we didn’t have business development people greatest accomplishment on the Consultants, Inc. for clients, business partners
working for consulting engineering firms—it Little Blue Run project over your and other associates.
just wasn’t done. I was perhaps the first in the
area, or one of the first, starting in the late ’70s. A 40 years of involvement? Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.
I was asked to do this full time, but I realized it The greatest accomplishment 333 Baldwin Road
couldn’t be done. Things were changing so fast might best be described as our Pittsburgh, PA  15205
in the environmental business in the late ’70s ability to work with our client
that one had to keep up with those changes. and many generations of regulators in an
You couldn’t just say “I’ve read about it,” you atmosphere of mutual trust and cooperation, G eff B o t t omley  |   Publisher
had to say “I’ve done it.” It’s the seller-doer allowing several rounds of permitting and
model. It doesn’t help your clients or your expansion of a facility that otherwise would E mily C h iodo  |   Editor/Writer
company to be a total seller. True, there are have required the creation of other disposal
some people who do that well, but not many— areas on greenfield properties. Because of Tara K irkman  |   Art Director
and that’s not our model. these relationships, we were able to address
complicated issues that arose due to changing B D & E , I nc . , P i t t s b u rg h   |   Design
q What aspects of your approach regulations as well as new developments
to the investigation and resulting from the expansion of the facility. P h o t o C redi t s
remediation of environmental Coupled with this relationship, that atmosphere Halkin-Mason Photography
concerns at former industrial of mutual trust and cooperation also allowed Michael W. Takacs
properties (Brownfields) allowed us to think outside the box and develop unique Jody Nicholson
solutions, such as the use of geotubes to Tara Kirkman
A you to be successful? increase the useful life of the facility.
Critical to our success was the For information, address changes, corrections or
knowledge of our team concerning q What would you say will be the additions to the mailing list, contact 1.800.365.2324
the inner workings of steel and legacy that you leave? or email
other manufacturing facilities. This knowledge
of the environmental issues associated A I hope it’s that I always tried to OFFICES
with the manufacturing processes, which make sure I treated all people in Austin, TX
was unique for consultants, allowed us to our company with the same level of Boston, MA
remediate root causes rather than their respect. I realize the importance of all of our Bridgeport, WV
impacts. Another important trait of our team people doing all of their various jobs—they all Charlotte, NC
was the ability to develop unique solutions need and deserve a pat on the back at times. Chicago, IL
for environmental issues at those properties. I also tried to let them know that they should Cincinnati, OH
For example, at several large former industrial continue to grow and learn new things. Columbus, OH
facilities that had contaminated soils, ASTs, Detroit, MI
USTs, and other components that impacted Although Jim has retired from daily consulting, Export, PA
those properties during more than 100 he continues to contribute to CEC’s ongoing Indianapolis, IN
years of industrial use, CEC would prepare success and development as a technical Knoxville, TN
coordinated redevelopment and remediation consultant on an as-needed basis and as an Nashville, TN
plans to minimize the disturbance of on-site active member of CEC’s Board of Directors. In Philadelphia, PA
soils that would otherwise have required addition to his general oversight and leadership Phoenix, AZ
disposal at off-site facilities. This, coupled as a Director, Jim is also the Chairman of the Pittsburgh, PA
with the use of off-site clean soils to provide a Nominating Committee and a member of the (Headquarters)
barrier to the contaminated Brownfield soils, Compensation Committee. n Sayre, PA
allowed commercial, and in some cases even Sevierville, TN
residential, development. St. Louis, MO
Toledo, OH
CEC Boston and the Vice President Bill Held
full project team for of CEC Cincinnati received Back Cover:
the restoration of the 2015 Landfill Gas Photo Contest Winner
Town Brook in Plymouth, and Biogas Distinguished Marisa Logan / CEC Pittsburgh
Massachusetts, received Individual Achievement
the 2015 Nicholas Humber Environmental- Award for his service CEC sponsors a Photo-of-the-Month contest
Energy Award for Outstanding Collaboration to SWANA and his achievements and encouraging employees to submit photos from
by the Environmental Business Council of dedication to the landfill gas industry. n their work sites. The winning photo is published
New England. n on CEC’s internal website and social media pages.

At this year’s Northeast The Ironworks at
Oil & Gas Awards, CEC was Keystone, a project
named 2014 Consultancy of CEC Indianapolis,
of the Year. n received the 2015
Best Retail/Mixed-Use
Project of the Year Award from the Indiana
Chapter of NAIOP. n
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