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1                                                  Whatever It Takes

               3                                   Maybe it’s an insurmountable task, an impossible deadline,
                                                   or an immense coverage area. Maybe it’s different time
4                                                  zones or even different hemispheres. The seemingly
                                                   insuperable nature of some project characteristics can be
               4                                   quite prohibitive, even deal-breakers for some companies.
                                                   But not for CEC.
4                                                  We welcome the toughest of tough challenges. We thrive on
                                                   creating ingenious ways to get things done for our clients.
 1	 CHARTING THE WAY FORWARD                       We’re recognized for our ability to deliver, even when faced
 	 Cleanaway’s Path to Delivering Best-in-Class    with unconventional project parameters and complexities.
 3	 NUMBERS GAME                                   If we need to engage more staff from across our footprint,
 	 Conquering the Odds of a Fast-Track Project     we’ll do it. If we need to be on-site in a location where our
 4	 WATERSHED MOMENT                               clients need us most, we’ll be there. If we need to work day
 	 A New Tool Gets at the Source                   and night, we’ll make it happen. It’s what differentiates us,
 4	SPOTLIGHT                                       and it’s what compels our clients to come back to us time
 	 Interview with Roger Pearson                    and again. The two projects that are featured in this issue
 4	 IN THE NEWS                                    of Elements demonstrate CEC’s commitment to successful
 	 Strong University Ties for CEC Knoxville        project completion regardless of the challenges inherent to
                                                   our assignments.
      On the Cover:
      Cleanaway Waste Management Limited                                             Kenneth R. Miller, P.E.
      (Cleanaway) has been helping Australian
      industry, business, communities, government                                                  President and CEO
      and households reduce, reuse, recycle and                                                    November 1, 2016
      safely dispose of waste for over 50 years.
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