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elements FALL 2016

                                                                                                       CEC assisted with an operations review of a plant
                                                                                                       at the Erskine Park Landfill near Sydney with the

                                                                                                           leachate pre-treatment facility depicted here.

WChaartinyg thFeorward
                   Cleanaway’s Path to Delivering Best-in-Class

When you’re the leading                          In the summer of 2014, a CEC team made an        of 14 facilities in the Melbourne, Sydney,
waste management,                                initial visit to Australia to begin the process  Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth areas,
recycling, and industrial                        of identifying those opportunities. Clete        speaking with personnel and management
services company in                              Elms, Cleanaway’s general manager for            to get a general day-to-day comfort level
a particular country,                            Victoria and Tasmania, served as regional        with the sites and the work being performed
you set the tone for the                         manager of post-collections at the time.         by the current team. They also created initial
implementation of best                           “One of the key differences between CEC          drafts called Facility Assessment Reports.
practices within that                            and some of our local consultants was
country and hold yourself                        that the team from CEC brought a deep            “It wasn’t a ‘We know everything and we’ll
to a higher standard for                         operational understanding and practicality,      tell you how to fix it’ approach, but rather
customer service.                                having worked in the operating business          a collaborative, fact-finding approach
                                                 as well as in consulting,” Elms noted.           that positioned the engagement for
In Australia, that company is Cleanaway          “When looking at the issues around some          success,” said Elms. “CEC spent the time
Waste Management Limited (Cleanaway),            of our landfills head-on, incorporating an       to understand the history, complexity,
and in addition to holding that distinction, it  operational background certainly bolsters        and nuances of our business, asking what
is also one of the top 20 waste management       your understanding of how to deal with an        the business knew or didn’t know, and
companies in the world. It therefore makes       issue or what that issue might cost to rectify   what the goals and expected outcomes
sense that the company would engage              or remediate.”                                   of the engagement were to be.” Over
individuals and entities with proven best-                                                        the next three months, CEC collaborated
practice expertise at a global level to          In two weeks, the CEC team reviewed              with the Cleanaway operations team to
support the company’s operations.                permit, licensing, engineering, construction,    assess and prioritize conclusions and
                                                 and compliance requirement information           recommendations.
To access the highest-level resources            provided by Cleanaway and state regulating
available, Cleanaway looked outside              agencies for all of the landfill assets. They    “We looked at the situation both from an
Australia to a broader, more global resource     completed an on-site performance review          Australian and U.S. regulatory perspective
pool, ultimately selecting CEC to help
identify opportunities for operational                                                                                                                  Continued on page 2
improvements that would be significant
to the post-collections business, and to         “One of the key differences between CEC and some of our
help manage the implementation of those            local consultants was that the team from CEC brought a
operational changes.                                      deep operational understanding and practicality.”

                                                                                                    –Clete Elms, Cleanaway General Manager for Victoria and Tasmania
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