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and quantified what the potential              Each Cleanaway facility’s needs were evaluated as to whether there was adequate storage capacity, including
environmental and engineering-related          this leachate storage dam.
liabilities were or could be,” said CEC
Vice President Randy Bodnar, who led the
team. Particular emphasis was placed on
compaction techniques and site density,
surface water control features, leachate
generation and sources of infiltration, cover
soil excavation patterns and use quantities,
equipment utilization, and rightsizing. “We
provided supporting explanations why
those items were identified, and offered
recommendations to mitigate potential
impacts and achieve conformance. We then
quantified each item into a dollar figure.”
With a complete picture of the operations,
CEC prepared a long-term strategy for cell
planning and operational support working
in close coordination with Cleanaway.

CEC helped put a framework around where        rehabilitation and post-closure provisions    individuals at CEC and Cleanaway and the
Cleanaway was relative to worldwide best       for historical operations as well as          level of engagement achieved, even across
practices and identified a structure and       provisions established to achieve the best    the Pacific and amidst the obvious time
platform to help the company implement         practices that CEC identified. The company    zone barriers,” said Hood, now head of
operational improvements. CEC supported        committed to spending $40–$45 million         engineering and compliance for Cleanaway.
Cleanaway from a technical aspect,             over the next four years as part of this
integrating with the waste company’s           program.                                      Several projects have been completed
operations and engineering teams to                                                          to date, including enhancing landfill
facilitate the recommendation programs,        Ed Hood, a principal with CEC at the          gas collection, leachate collection (after
which were rolled out the following winter     time of the initial visit, eventually joined  examining the company’s current leachate
and spring in 2015.                            Cleanaway in July of 2015, picking up the     disposal options and assessing its future
                                               baton to continue driving the remediation     needs for leachate management and
Cleanaway reset its provisions relative        and rectification program. “The success       disposal), and stormwater management
to the landfill assets, and that included      of the program is directly related to the     controls.

                                                                                             Chief Executive Officer and Managing
                                                                                             Director Vik Bansal joined Cleanaway in
                                                                                             August 2015 and is leading Cleanaway
                                                                                             on the firm’s “Good to Great” journey.
                                                                                             “Through Vik, we have an unwavering
                                                                                             approach to best-in-class—whether
                                                                                             it’s customer service, safety, or landfill
                                                                                             standards such as landfill gas, leachate, or
                                                                                             capping,” said Elms. “We now have a very
                                                                                             structured national approach to how we
                                                                                             achieve and deliver best-in-class.”

Typical earthwork construction took place at this landfill facility to prepare the liner.    “The company as a whole is developing
                                                                                             clear visibility,” Hood said, “as well as
                                                                                             standards for operation and execution
                                                                                             relative to one way: the Cleanaway way.” ■
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