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MWATOERMSHEEDNT:                             Spotlight
                                             Planning for Success with Senior Principal Roger Pearson
THE SOURCE                                                What made the transition to an          what I’ve been doing for the last 10-15 years.
                                                          engineering firm inviting to you        We didn’t call it economic master planning
Following the Toledo water crisis in                                                              back then, but that’s the way I have practiced
2014, when an algal bloom in Lake Erie       Q	as a planner?                                      master planning.
contaminated the drinking water and
prompted a “do not drink” advisory,                        I was excited to become part of the                 What have been the first
there were numerous public discussions                                                                         steps as CEC launches this
about what caused the problem and how        A	CEC family, having teamed with this
to prevent it from happening again. The                    great organization several times over  Q	service?
Lucas County government took a highly        the last 15 years. One of the things that always
proactive stance, aiming to identify         impressed me about the culture of CEC is the                       As part of the CEC PLANNING rollout,
sources of nutrients and hotspots            care that is taken with the work—the genuine
throughout the Western Basin of Lake         concern for the technical solution, and to have it   A	so to speak, I’ve been meeting with
Erie watershed and make it easier for        leave the client smiling. When I started realizing                 CEC office leaders to understand
the public to access and understand          that I was going to make a change, joining a         what’s going on in their regions—what those
available information. In June of 2015,      firm with that kind of approach to its work was      guys care about. I think the personalities in our
CEC was engaged by the County’s Board        something that appealed to me because that’s         offices are set up for exactly what we’re trying
of Commissioners to identify pollutant       the way I approach my practice. There was a          to accomplish. This is a natural way for CEC
sources in need of controls to help          cultural compatibility.                              to reinforce our long-term commitment to the
reduce algal blooms in the basin.                                                                 efforts of the economic development agencies,
CEC compiled and presented data              Q	CEC recently launched CEC                          industrial development corporations, and
through a user-friendly interactive                       PLANNING with you at the helm.          quasi-government agencies, as well as the
Geographic Information System (GIS)-                      Describe this addition to the 	         efforts of private sector real estate developers
based mapping tool called the Nutrient                                                            in the regions where we provide services.
Source Inventory (NSI). “The NSI is based    A		 firm’s services lineup.
on publicly available data generated                       What we hope to deliver through CEC                 What is notable about the
by state and federal agencies, some                        PLANNING is actually much larger                    depth and diversity of your
of which was obtained by the federal                       in scale than simply site planning;
Freedom of Information Act,” said CEC        it’s a full-service approach to master planning      Q	experience?
Senior Project Manager Tim Murphy.           that we’re calling economic master planning.
After a peer review process, the tool will   This is a four-stage process including market                      One of the things I think that is
be linked to the Lucas County website,       analysis, the master plan itself as a response
making location-based nutrient source                                                             A	unique about my career is the
information available to elected officials,                                                                     variety and contrast of places
stakeholder groups, and the general          to that market analysis, the financing plan,         where I have lived and worked—ranging from
public so that all may better understand
the status of their watershed. The           and the implementation plan. We will utilize         a couple years in Omaha in the middle of
next phase of the project will see the
comprehensive data utilized to perform       collaborative methodologies to develop               America, to a couple years living in Riyadh,
detailed modeling to identify the amount
of nutrients coming from the sources.        consensus-based planning solutions, and              the capital and middle of Saudi Arabia. I grew
Murphy has given several presentations
on the NSI’s functionality, including at     apply global experience and perspective to site- up in Baton Rouge, lived on both the East and
a sustainability gala and a free public
tutorial, both hosted by the Toledo-Lucas    specific planning challenges. That’s essentially West Coasts, and from Detroit to D.C. to Dallas.
County Sustainability Commission. He
also demonstrated the tool for members       IN THE NEWS: Strong University Ties for CEC Knoxville
of the Toledo Metropolitan Area Council
of Governments and the Ohio EPA. The         Our Knoxville operations made many                   and press event took place, attended by
NSI can be replicated in other parts of      headlines in May 2016 when it was                    Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam and UT
the country suffering from excessive         announced that CEC would be the first                College of Engineering Dean Dr. Wayne
nutrient loadings in their watersheds. ■     private tenant at Cherokee Farm Innovation           Davis, among other dignitaries. “Having CEC
                                             Campus (CFIC), a collaborative effort of             even closer to our students and faculty will
                                             the University of Tennessee (UT) and the             provide us with a partner that can offer real-
                                             Oak Ridge National Laboratory. A highly              life, practical experience to our students,”
                                             successful groundbreaking ceremony                   said Davis.
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