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elements FALL 2016

Then, of course, I worked in Europe, Asia,                     Why is this approach different          Elements is published by Civil & Environmental
Africa, and there was a two-year project in                    from what is currently                  Consultants, Inc. for clients, business partners
South America out of Brazil and Argentina. ‘So                                                         and other associates.
what?’ people might ask. I genuinely believe it   Q	available?
creates flexibility and an ability to understand                                                       Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.
and respond to a variety of cultural influences                 What I see in the domestic U.S.        333 Baldwin Road
and challenges. The formation of CEC                                                                   Pittsburgh, PA  15205
PLANNING offers our clients global perspective    A	marketplace are engineering firms        
with effective local solutions.                                 on one hand that provide a suite
                                                  of site development engineering services,            E M I LY C H I O D O   |   Editor/Writer
             How do you address                   and when I say this, I mean all aspects from
             unexpected issues in planning        ecological to geotechnical to water resources        T A R A K I R K M A N   |   Art Director/Design
                                                  to environmental, etc., and on the other
Q	projects?                                       hand, there are the planning and landscape           PHOTO CREDITS
                                                  architecture firms with no engineering in-
              When entities have a property they  house. What CEC PLANNING does is bring               Cherokee Farm Development Corporation
                                                  those two together around what we’re calling         Cleanaway Waste Management Limited
A	want to do something with but are               economic master planning. I apply my 30+
              not sure yet what that something    years of skills and expertise as a master            For information, address changes, corrections or
is, we can look at the developable area,          planner to sets things up in the early stages        additions to the mailing list, contact 1.800.365.2324
analytically determine a range of use options,    in a way that supports the engineering side          or email
and then evaluate those options based on          as it takes over during the implementation.
a range of factors unique to each situation.      The strength in what we’re doing is that we’re       OFFICES
Large-scale economic master planning really       combining CEC’s site development engineering         Austin, TX
requires that you understand what’s going         expertise with an economic master planning           Boston, MA
on behind the scenes of the project—what are      approach, and by doing so we’re bringing all         Bridgeport, WV
the drivers, what is the impetus, what were       of the skills and expertise of CEC to bear on an     Charlotte, NC
the existing challenges? Every project is, in a   economic master planning challenge. We’re            Chicago, IL
broad sense, determining and/or establishing      working together to leverage and harness the         Cincinnati, OH
a vision that is unique and achievable. Sure,     incredible strengths that CEC has as part of the     Columbus, OH
most planning projects encounter aspects          planning process. This combination positions         Detroit, MI
that no one anticipated, but CEC brings an        CEC to be very effective. ■                          Export, PA
enhanced ability to crystal-ball and to manage                                                         Greenville, SC
change during the course of the project to help                                                        Indianapolis, IN
reach that initial unique and achievable vision.                                                       Knoxville, TN
                                                                                                       Nashville, TN
                                                                                                       Philadelphia, PA
                                                                                                       Phoenix, AZ
                                                                                                       Pittsburgh, PA
                                                                                                       Sayre, PA
                                                                                                       Sevierville, TN
                                                                                                       St. Louis, MO
                                                                                                       Toledo, OH

CEC has an exceptional relationship with                                             issues regarding  Back Cover:
the UT College of Engineering, employing a                                           the Tennessee     PHOTO CONTEST WINNER
number of graduates, offering internships,                                           Municipal         ADAM MEHEVEC / AUSTIN
and providing cooperative learning                                                   Separate Storm
opportunities. One such opportunity is the                                           Sewer System      CEC sponsors a Photo-of-the-Month contest
new TECH SPEAK Technical Presentation                                                (MS4) permit.     encouraging employees to submit photos from
Series for students and professionals, a                                             Future            their work sites. The winning photo is published
collaboration between CEC, the University of                                         presentation      on CEC’s internal website and social media pages.
Tennessee Knoxville Department of Civil &                                            topics will
Environmental Engineering, and CFIC.                                                 be driven by
The series launched in November 2016                                                 current industry
and will occur once each semester, always         trends and issues, such as new or evolving
with at least one presenter from CEC and          regulations or improvements in engineering
one from UT. The first presentation in the        design. The series is open to all UT students,
series will be given by CEC water resources       not just those in engineering, as well as
engineer Steven Casey, P.E., CPESC, and           university faculty members and CEC’s local
UT Biosystems Engineering & Soil Science          business partners and clients. CEC invites
Department professor Daniel C. Yoder,             you to submit ideas for future topics. ■
Ph.D., P.E. The program will detail current
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