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InsideTHIS ISSUE Have Your People
1 Call Our People

3 There is no substitute for great people. What makes CEC a
responsive and innovative service provider is our people
4 and the seemingly limitless capabilities they bring to
each project. When I look out into a room filled with our
4 employees, both new and not-so-new, I think about the
potential contained within that room to make a tremendous
4 impact—on clients such as Industrial Scientific or the
Nashville Zoo and also on the world around us. The talented
1 SETTING THEIR SIGHTS HIGH professionals at CEC possess unique skill sets and enjoy
Employees Come First in this New Headquarters working together to solve tough challenges. They are
3 WILD IDEAS committed to growing professionally, and we are committed
Taming Stormwater at the Nashville Zoo to helping them achieve their goals. Making this a focus
4 IN THE NEWS is just one of the many ways we encourage our employees
Drone Operations Cleared for Takeoff to choose CEC as the place where they want to spend their
4 SPOTLIGHT entire careers.
Interview with Tony Babb
4 ACCOLADES Kenneth R. Miller, P.E.
Recognition Across the CEC Footprint
President and CEO
On the Cover: January 18, 2016
Industrial Scientific Corporation’s new global
headquarters, designed by IDC Architects, Elements in your Email
is now a prominent fixture along a highly To opt in to a digital version, email
traveled business corridor just west of
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
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