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Continued from page 1 Staff and guests enjoy a spectacular six-story open atrium with manufacturing operations fully visible on each
floor across the width of the bright, airy building designed by IDC Architects.
supporting the building on a combination
of caissons and shallow spread foundations; has also allowed for cross-training or us to demonstrate that we put employees
it had unsightly utility poles, so “flexing” of manufacturing service teams. first,” said Miller. “We were able to
coordination with nine different carriers was “We flex people from one group into another accommodate about 70-plus percent of
necessary to re-swing lines; and it had no when we have peak demand in one area. the wish list items. Our employees see that
sanitary sewer services, so CEC designed This has given us economies of scale for their requests came to life and can say,
a 600-foot horizontal directional drilling more cost-effective utilization of people ‘that’s what I asked for.’”
plan that would go down the hill and under based on demand,” said Miller.
the interstate to reach the main connection. In the fall of 2015, Industrial Scientific’s
“It was worth it from our perspective to One-third of the staff had input on the employees helped the company to be
make the investment in infrastructure,” project, resulting in a wish list of almost named a Top Workplace in Pittsburgh for
said Miller. “Immediately after we broke 500 items. “This was a very tangible way for the second year in a row. n
ground and put our name on the site,
we began to establish recognition from Manufacturing operations comprise roughly forty percent of the space in the new facility and are strategically
the high visibility.” situated along the front-facing side of the building with windows from floor to ceiling.

CEC’s civil engineering services included
site layout plans, grading plans and
earthwork computations, utility design
services, and comprehensive stormwater
management design and water quality
calculations. “Because the site was
tributary to an impaired watershed
along the I-376 right-of-way owned and
maintained by PennDOT, we used a higher
level of water quality best management
practices to demonstrate that we wouldn’t
impact the watershed,” said Beaves. CEC
also provided geotechnical, ecological and
environmental services for the project.
“We could count on Adele to give us realistic
answers. Her approach and willingness
to look at items objectively helped us to
maintain compliance in a way that was
possible for us,” Miller explains.

From groundbreaking to move-in during
the summer of 2015 took 20 months, four
less than scheduled. Today, the roughly
204,000-square-foot building houses nearly
425 employees, administrative functions,
customer support, training space, lab
space, product design and engineering,
manufacturing operations with flexible
lines to meet peak demand, supply chain
management, and efficient warehouse
and shipping capabilities.

Unique meeting spaces and “neighborhoods”
on each floor help create efficiencies and
opportunities to interact with people in
different capacities. Being in one building
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