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                                                       No Boundaries

                           3                           CEC’s professionals became engineers and scientists
                                                       because of their curiosity and desire to challenge their
                                                       capabilities. Performing projects that rely solely on one’s
                                                       experience does not consistently satisfy our professionals.
     4                                                 When our engineers and scientists are put to the test, and I

                                                       mean really put to the test, in some of our planet’s toughest,
                                                       most challenging environments—environments others may
                           4                           determine to be time, cost, or otherwise prohibitive—they
                                                       flourish. Getting out of our comfort zone when possible
                                                       to help our clients allows us to flex our creativity, apply

     4                                                 new technologies, and exercise in new ways those deep
                                                       core principles that are the basis for truly sound technical
                                                       solutions. Delivering for clients in these scenarios
                                                       allows us to bring better, more ingenious solutions and
                                                       unconventional approaches back to the problems we solve
                                                       for CEC’s entire client base every day.
      1   MODERN HIS T ORY                             The projects described in this newsletter allowed our
         Digitally Preserving an Ancient City
                                                       professionals to challenge their capabilities to achieve
      3   WHAT ’S MINED IS NO W YOURS                  unique objectives.
         Restoring Disturbed Lands for Future Use
      4   MINED  / YOURS
         An Epilogue of a Different “Elk”
      4   SPOTLIGHT
         Interview with Adele Beaves
      4   ON THE  LIST
         CEC’s 2017 ENR Rankings
         Wishes Granted for a New Park
                                                                            Kenneth R. Miller, P.E.
                                                                            President and CEO
                                                                            October 2, 2017

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      On the Cover:
      A Fine Pairing—This 3D laser scanner is
      using terrestrial Light Detection And Ranging
      (LiDAR) scanning to capture high-definition
      data on an ancient structure still standing in a
      Roman theatre in Volterra, Italy.
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