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                                                                              it with data, etc. All the measurements of
                                                                              the BIM were based off the point cloud or
                                                                              mesh we created.” The processing of data
                                                                              continued in the months that followed
                                                                              the workshop.
                                                                              When representatives from Case, Autodesk,
                                                                              and the Volterra-Detroit Foundation
                                                                              returned in June, they took with them a few
                                                                              interactive models and 3D-printed physical
                                                                              replicas for a presentation in the town hall.
                                                                              Mayor Buselli, his staff, city residents, and
                                                                              representatives from UNESCO were treated
                                                                              to a virtual reality (VR) demo that mimicked
                                                                              walking through Volterra’s historical sites,
                                                                              including a chance to experience a fully
                                                                              recreated Roman theatre in its original glory.
                                                                              The public also was invited to experience
                                                                              the models throughout the month of July.
      Rick Celender, head of CEC’s UAV services, maps out a plan for the day’s aerial data capture needs. These UAVs   The team plans to launch an interactive
      carried cameras, but LiDAR scanners can be mounted to collect survey-grade data at 750,000 points per second.
                                                                              website and online virtual gallery in the
      artwork on the ceilings to the tiniest of   Aerial data on the archaeological sites and   coming weeks so that all products created
      cracks in a pillar. The points were used to   ancient historical structures inside the city   from the captured data can be viewed by
      create detailed 3D models of the structures   wall were captured using UAVs (aka drones)   anyone, anywhere. And though the mayor
      and their features, as well as a BIM, which   with mounted cameras. The data were then   has not yet received word on his World
      becomes a useful tool for architects and   processed into point clouds and 3D models   Heritage site classification from UNESCO,
      planners should there ever be maintenance,   using photogrammetry (stitching together   it is evident that there is a great deal of
      restoration, or retrofitting needed as time   photos into a continuous image). These   interest in opening Volterra to the world and
      decays the architecture. LiDAR scanners   models may eventually be combined with   in making sure its heritage is preserved for
      were also used outside, as was the case in   geographic information system (GIS) visuals   generations to come.  ■
      the Roman theatre, which alone required   such as land surface, roads, and rivers to
      120 individual scan locations to capture all   create more complete georeferenced 3D   Visit our microsite for stunning photography,
      of the data for a complete model.   digital models.                          short videos, and interactive models:
                                          Finally, objects in Volterra’s museums and
                                          architectural details from around the city
                                          were captured with high-resolution digital
                                          cameras (and, frankly, even iPhones) and
                                          converted to 3D models. The models of the
                                          artifacts will be used in virtual exhibitions,
                                          for research, and for conservation efforts.
                                          They can also be replicated using 3D
                                          printers for educational purposes or should
                                          the need arise for a tangible version.

                                          Every evening, the team processed data
                                          captured during the day. “We took the point
                                          clouds and created a mesh, which turns the
                                          point cloud into a 3D model. From there, we
                                          can take the mesh data and incorporate it
      These textured mesh models of Volterra’s iconic                         No, we didn’t accidentally add two photographs of
      Etruscan gate, the Porta all’Arco, were created from a   into AutoCAD  Civil 3D  or Revit  to create   the same ceiling! The top image is an incredibly
      UAV point cloud. The top model is showing the RGB   an as-built model,” noted Sinclair. “We can   detailed point cloud created from data captured by a
      color of each point to bring it to life.                                LiDAR scanner. The bottom image is a photograph.
                                          truly recreate the space—put details in, tag
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