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                                          A Civil Exchange with Principal Adele Beaves
                                          In July of 2017, Adele Beaves, P.E., CPESC, became the new corporate civil practice lead for CEC.
                                          She takes over for Steve Donaldson, P.E., P.L.S., who led the civil group for more than 20 years.

                                                  What will be your focus areas   I’m using the things that I designed in my
                                                  now that you are leading CEC’s
      Mined/Yours:                        Q   Civil Engineering practice?     daily life. Civil engineering doesn’t need
                                                                              any bells and whistles; it is the foundation
                                                  First, Steve Donaldson has been a   from which our world was built. I don’t want
      An Epilogue of a                    A  for the civil group and a mentor to   to forget our purpose or get too flashy, but
                                                  consistent, steadfast ambassador
                                                                              I also want to be sure we’re staying on the
      Different “Elk”                     me for the 17 years I’ve been with CEC. It will   leading edge. That said, we do have to
                                                                              continuously improve, and we can do that by
                                          be difficult to fill his shoes. People have placed
                                          a tremendous amount of trust in him and have   incorporating elements of new technology and
      The story continues ...             felt like they could turn to him for guidance.   design with well-established science-based
                                          It will be my charge to become that person   methodologies. Always at the heart of it are
      EIP typically opens its restored    for others. I also want to focus on education   good engineering principles, but we can set
      habitats to the public for          and development so our staff can continue   ourselves apart by being principled engineers
      recreational activities, such as    to achieve the highest level of technical   who are technologically savvy and have an
      hiking, hunting, and fishing. For   competency. What I will also do, hopefully,   understanding of design.
      the three reclaimed mine sites in   is lead the effort to incorporate emerging
      the Guyandotte and Tug Fork River   technologies and tools into our daily practice,   How would you go about
                                                                                      changing people’s perceptions
      watersheds, EIP is currently leasing the   such as new AutoCAD 3D tools and InfraWorks,    Q  of civil engineering firms?
      acreage to the West Virginia Division   augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR), BIM, LiDAR   I’d like to continue opening people’s
                                          scanning, and drone applications. I’m excited
      of Natural Resources (WVDNR), which   to use these tools, but I’m still wary of those   minds to the concept that, in
      may eventually purchase the land to   who use technology simply to say they’re using  A  addition to being engineers, we are
      ensure long-term public access. But   it and don’t truly understand the fundamentals   design professionals. We know what it means
      the WVDNR had been looking for large   of it. We must carefully consider how new   to design and what good design means.
      areas of land for something more:   technologies will help us do our jobs more   Because we work closely with architects, we
      an elk reintroduction plan. Last fall,   efficiently and effectively to save our clients   need to speak that language and have that
      dozens of elk, which have not been   time and resources.                same mentality. There’s a design process—it’s
                                                                              iterative, it’s collaborative, it’s testing things
      seen in the state since 1875, were          Is there a way to evolve what is   out, it’s thinking about more than just ‘Point
      brought from Kentucky and released          arguably the oldest engineering   A to Point B’ in solving a problem. It’s asking
      on one of the properties, now named   Q   discipline?                   ourselves, ‘Is our solution elegant, efficient,
      the Tomblin Wildlife Management             One of my favorite things about   artistic, and environmentally friendly? Does
      Area. It was the first-ever elk release     working in this discipline is driving   the design do the most good for the most
      in West Virginia. The WVDNR hopes to   A  around town after so many years   people? Does the design speak to people?’
      establish a population large enough   and being able to say ‘I designed that.’   It’s about evoking an experience for the user.
      to allow for hunting, but expects the
      release to benefit both hunters and   ON THE LIST
      non-hunters alike, as the elk are a
      draw for wildlife enthusiasts, too. In   2017 ENR RANKINGS
      June of 2017, an elk calf was born,   #95 TOP 200 ENVIRONMENTAL FIRMS
      the first since the reintroduction,   #125 TOP 500 DESIGN FIRMS
      according to the WVDNR.
                                          Ranked on 8 of ENR’s Top Market Sector lists:
      The environment that makes mining,   #7 SOLID WASTE
      mine reclamation, and ecosystem      #9 MINING
      restoration a challenging endeavor   #9 CLEAN AIR COMPLIANCE
      is the very same environment that    #23 PIPELINES
      makes recreation and outdoor activity   #25 REFINERIES & PETROCHEMICAL PLANTS  Community
      appealing, and creates prime habitat   #30 SEWER & WASTE
      for a variety of wildlife species—even   #45 PETROLEUM
                                           #47 HAZARDOUS WASTE
      those that had once vanished. ■                                          Revitalization:
                                             = 1  Appearance!
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