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FALL 2017

                                                                                   Elements is published by Civil & Environmental
                                                                                   Consultants, Inc. for clients, business partners,
                                                                                   and other associates.
                                                                                   Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.
                                                                                   333 Baldwin Road
                                                                                   Pittsburgh, PA  15205
      You can hire architects from anywhere in   and who have the motivation to build a robust
      the world for their expertise, but there’s a   practice in their region. I want to make sure
      general misconception that, when it comes   our local leads have the resources and support   EMILY C HIODO   |   Editor/Writer
      to civil engineering firms, it’s only beneficial   they need—a network of people working   TARA KIRKMAN   |   Art Director/Design
      to hire the local guy down the street from the   together with the strength of a big company
      regulator’s office who knows the local process.   behind them.               PHOTO CREDITS
      Sure it’s important to have those relationships                              Rick Celender
      locally and to have people who know the     What is a current development    Kelsey Kanspedos
      terrain performing the work—but there’s more   trend and how can CEC help    Emily McElroy
                                                                                   Nate Ober
      to it than that. Civil engineers are quite integral   Q   clients meet their objectives?  Rob Sinclair
      to the design team. Choose a firm that knows   Urban infill and redevelopment.
      your product and process and that will bring   In most of the markets where   Special thanks to Kyle McCardle and Rob Sinclair
                                                                                   for their assistance with the preparation of CEC’s
      an extra level of service. My goal is for clients  A  there is a CEC office, there’s a lot   Italy microsite.
      to always say, ‘We need XYZ International   of existing underutilized property and aging   For information, address changes, corrections,
      Architecture Firm on the team and we also need   infrastructure that could be repurposed and   or additions to the mail or email list, contact
      CEC because they understand us.’    revitalized. We can tackle complex urban   1.800.365.2324 or email
                                          projects by combining the expertise of our   OFFICES
              There are several new regional   civil engineers with that of our GIS and survey
              leaders in the civil practice.   teams; our geotechnical, transportation, and   Austin, TX
      Q   What was the impetus?                                                    Boston, MA
                                          structural engineers; and our experts in site   Bridgeport, WV
              We’ve always wanted to grow the   infrastructure maintenance, property condition   Charlotte, NC
              practice nationally. The timing was   assessments, and green infrastructure   Chicago, IL
      A  right recently as several market   design. I’m also excited to collaborate with   Cincinnati, OH
      sectors within the real estate development   our burgeoning economic master planning   Columbus, OH
      industry are in growth mode right now after   group to experience how projects come to   Export, PA
      having been stagnant for several years.   life, how funding is created, and how the   Greenville, SC
      This growth has allowed us to bring on   public and private sectors can work together   Indianapolis, IN
      great people in Greenville, Chicago, Austin,   to encourage development. We can pull all   Knoxville, TN
                                                                                   Nashville, TN
      Boston, Bridgeport, and Phoenix with lots of   of these disciplines into the fold to deliver   Philadelphia, PA
      experience who were looking for change. We   integrated, seamless projects. It’s just one of   Phoenix, AZ
      often find people who were not previously in   the many things that differentiates CEC from   Pittsburgh, PA
      an environment that enabled their growth or   other firms.  ■                (Headquarters)
      their ability to build client relationships. Our                             Sayre, PA
      business model is appealing to people who                                    Sevierville, TN
      want to be engaged in business development                                   St. Louis, MO
                                                                                   Toledo, OH
                                           The City of Ethridge in Lawrence
                                           County, Tennessee, has been working     Back Cover:
                                           hard to apply for grants that will help   PHOTO CONTEST WINNER
                                           revitalize the community. The city      BRYCE RANDALL / BRIDGEPORT
                                           opted to begin its revitalization with
                                           a community park that would create      CEC sponsors a Photo-of-the-Month contest
                                           a central and safe environment for      encouraging employees to submit photos from
                                                                                   their work sites. The winning photo is published
                                           residents and children. CEC designed    on CEC’s internal website and social media pages.
                                           a conceptual master plan for the park,
                                           divided into phases based on each
                                           park element—making it easy to target
 Community                                 specific grants. In July, a ribbon-cutting
                                           ceremony was held for the completion
 Revitalization:                           of the first phase. CEC Nashville Project
                                           Manager Kelsey Kanspedos was invited to
                                           participate in the ceremony. ■                                                    XX% Total Recycled Fiber

                                                                                                                             XX% Total Recycled Fiber
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