A Chat with Jim Cooper, Office Lead of Our New Cleveland Office

July 8, 2020
Jim Cooper, Office Lead of our new Cleveland office, and also a principal in air quality, sat down to chat about the new office’s service offerings and what’s in store for his team.


We were kind of dabbling in what was happening in the Cleveland area, and I think as a company, we’re doing things in that region if they found our labs. In a state like Ohio, there’s a lot going on everywhere. It’s hard for offices like Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo, even Pittsburgh to cover things happening in that region when they’re so busy already. So it seemed like a necessary part of what we wanted to do as far as client coverage and providing to clients in that area. It also gives you an opportunity to tap into a regional talent base that you don’t have. You know, we have folks: Tony Pelletier’s there, he’s well respected in the industry, the solid waste industry, he’s been doing it forever.
Right now, it’s solid waste, air quality, construction management services, and we’re hoping to expand that into civil engineering because that’s such a big part of what CEC does, and environmental. We’re going to get leads for both of those disciplines and then start to develop those practices underneath them and at the junior level, so right now, that’s what we’re focusing on. Solid waste industry, we’re looking into manufacturing, my background is oil & gas mainly, so those are the industries we’re gonna pay attention to.
We look forward to how it’s gonna develop, how it’s gonna progress, and 2020 is gonna be a very busy year for the Cleveland office!
Interested in joining our Cleveland team? View our job postings here.
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