Blaine Orth

Blaine Orth

Senior Project Manager


Mr. Orth has 28 years of engineering experience in geotechnical engineering and construction fields with extensive practice in site field investigation, foundation engineering analyses, and construction oversight. He has worked in the solid waste, power, mining, transportation, environmental, and oil and gas sectors, including 5 years overseas in a design and resident engineer role and 1 year as a consultant for offshore oil & gas projects. His primary duties include coordination, planning and execution of geotechnical field investigations for various projects, planning and directing laboratory testing programs, interpretation and incorporation of field data and laboratory test results, and developing geotechnical recommendations for suitable foundation alternatives, subgrades and pavements or slabs, viability of ground improvement, seismicity and susceptibility to liquefaction, soil engineering properties, and considerations for earthworks, excavations and/or constructability. Field duties during construction have included verification of earthworks, foundation and or geosynthetics containment construction, coordination and planning with contractors, regulators and third-party inspectors and/or consultants and over-sight of sub-contractors.

He has experience in evaluating and planning the best fit field investigation methods for sites of varying size and complexity and adjusting the investigation methods when needed. Site investigation methods utilized include auger drilling, rotary wash drilling, rock coring, cone penetrometer, downhole and surface array geophysics, observation pits and trenches, and hand-auger sampling. Mr. Orth also has experience in planning and implementing access over soft or sloping ground and pre-clearing rig paths as needed for sites with difficult access.

He has experience in interpreting geotechnical data for the evaluation of different foundation alternatives and the viability of ground improvement for the support of new structures or embankments under static and seismic conditions. Mr. Orth also has experience in the evaluation of existing and engineered slopes.

In the field, Mr. Orth has significant experience in oversight of construction activities including earthworks and subgrade preparation, shallow and deep foundations, ground improvements, geosynthetics and/or soil remediation. He has served as a competent person for safe excavations and the monitoring of existing slopes and or high walls.