Doug Eagleton

Doug Eagleton

Senior Project Manager

(602) 644-2178

Mr. Eagleton has more than 30 years of construction quality assurance (CQA), project management, construction management, and landfill gas (LFG) management.

Mr. Eagleton is experienced in CQA for geosynthetic and soil construction for waste containment; project management of waste containment; construction management of waste containment and residential development; water balance cover design and CQA; and LFG collection rate projections, compliance reporting, and design plan preparation.

Mr. Eagleton has worked in the private sector and in the public sector in solid waste permitting.  In both sectors, Mr. Eagleton has developed collaborative relationships to allow the process to proceed smoothly.  In the private sector, Mr. Eagleton has prepared and received approval of CQA Reports, Engineering Design and Operations Plans (EDOPs), periodic groundwater and LFG monitoring reports, water balance cover designs, and LFG monitoring and compliance reports.  In the public sector, Mr. Eagleton has reviewed and approved EDOPs, CQA Reports, and periodic groundwater and LFG monitoring reports, and water balance cover designs.