Harold Barber

Harold Barber

Vice President

(346) 378-7802

Mr. Barber is a registered professional engineer and has more than thirty years of managerial and engineering experience in the international and domestic oil and gas industry and in the solid and hazardous waste industry.

Mr. Barber has extensive oil and gas experience.  His international experience includes executing and completing multi-million dollar projects while supervising a team of professionals in Russia, Saudi Arabia, West Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, and Mexico that focused on deep foundation design for offshore oil and gas platforms and pipelines and other related marine structures.

Domestically, Mr. Barber has executed and completed a variety of projects in all the shale basins and in the Gulf of Mexico. These projects have included:

  • Deep foundation design for offshore oil and gas platforms and pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico:
  • Onshore pipeline design in Texas and Louisiana;
  • HDD pipeline crossings in Texas;
  • Midstream asset engineering design and construction management;
  • Permitting of E&P waste facilities in Texas, Louisiana, Wyoming, and North Dakota; and,
  • Design and construction of commercial stationary treatment, waste separation, disposal, and reclamation facilities, permitting and drilling of saltwater disposal wells in Texas, Louisiana, Wyoming, and North Dakota.

In the solid and hazardous waste industry, Mr. Barber assists owners and operators with enforcement/management of regulatory compliance including landfill gas projects, permit application filings, data collection, air permit management, engineering design, document preparation, construction management and construction quality assurance.  He regularly interfaces with solid and hazardous waste engineering, management and construction clients to ensure timely execution and completion of projects and compliance with state and federal regulatory agencies.