Patrick Carpenter

Patrick Carpenter

Project Manager III

(304) 848-7109

Mr. Carpenter is currently managing the Bridgeport Transportation group and is responsible for managing the day to day work flow and operations of the staff. He is responsible for client communication, managing key technical staff, scope and budget management on projects, design, oversight and plan preparation and review. 

Mr. Carpenter has been working on West Virginia Department of Transportation Division of Highways projects for the past 20 years. He is well versed in the policies, Design Directives, AASHTO Green Book, as well as West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection NPDES Erosion and Sediment Control plan preparation and permitting. He has worked on several Corridor H sections including Davis to Bismark along with a section of US Route 35 near Point Pleasants, WV.

Mr. Carpenter has a diverse experience in both civil engineering and surveying.  His experience has allowed him to work on various design projects, including several highway and bridge projects, Abandoned Mine Lands and Acid Mine Drainage projects, site design and several waste and borrow permits. He has also worked with GIS projects including Source Water Assessment Protection Program and several Emergency Planning projects.