CEC @ NYSEIA 2022 New York Solar Summit

Let’s Connect!

Whether you’re just hearing about CEC or you’ve had opportunities to meet our experts at the conference, we’re glad you’re here. Thanks for stopping by our booth at the NYSEIA 2022 New York Solar Summit!

As the demand for renewable energy resources evolves, CEC is well-equipped to help strategize for renewable energy facility development. CEC is familiar with providing innovative design solutions and integrated expertise for professional services.

CEC has a firm understanding of the solar project development process and excels at providing turnkey design and permitting solutions to support regulated and deregulated wholesale power markets. We have experience with canopy, rooftop, ground-mount, and ballasted systems, and single- and dual-axis tracker systems. Our solar development team supports solar energy developers, energy investment groups, state and local regulators, power utilities, and public stakeholder groups.

With expertise at all phases of the water cycle, our team advances your project with innovative and sustainable solutions. Our engineers, landscape architects, ecologists, geomorphologists, geologists, GIS specialists, and environmental scientists can tackle your project’s challenges. Our experience with regulatory authorities enables us to help you negotiate more appropriate permit conditions; we’ll keep you compliant with regulations while allowing development to continue.

We help you develop stormwater compliance strategies, design and implement watershed restoration plans, manage municipal stormwater and sanitary collection systems, and determine an appropriate wastewater treatment technology.

CEC also provides design solutions and integrated expertise at all stages of wind energy development or expansion projects. CEC coordinates with land owners, agents, utilities, and regulatory agencies, and helps oversee completion of the design through implementation in the field. When it comes time for installation of equipment on site, CEC manages the civil engineering planning and logistics for lay-down, delivery, line drops, crane walks, and intersection improvements.

Additional wind energy-related services include meteorogical towers, inspections using small Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS or drones), NPDES permitting, stormwater management plans, geotechnical subsurface investigations, right-of-way and drain permitting, road, bridge and culvert analysis, electrical design coordination and more.