Forensic Engineering

CEC offers a comprehensive range of Forensic Engineering services to the legal and insurance industries. We apply proven engineering and scientific principles to identify and define the technical unknowns of incidents and failures. Our staff of multi-disciplined engineers, scientists, and technical experts have investigated an extensive number of forensic cases in our areas of expertise.

CEC has extensive experience investigating a wide range of incidents and failures that are central to litigation and insurance claims. Since 1994, we have successfully investigated numerous losses, ranging from cases requiring a single expert and site inspection to a very complex and extensive forensic effort involving multiple experts.

Our unbiased investigative approach allows us to objectively determine the proximate cause of a loss, which enables our clients to arrive at an equitable settlement/judgement for technically complex cases.

We welcome the opportunity to meet any of your organization’s Forensic Engineering needs. Our services include:

Our Areas of Expertise include: