Professional Development

Building Your Career

We share accountability for advancing your professional development goals. At CEC, there is no limit to how high you can rise. Starting on your first day, you are on a path to accomplish your ambitions. You’ll get the support you need to advance.

Ambassador Program
Each new hire is assigned an Ambassador during their onboarding, a fellow employee who provides support and guidance to the new hire. An Ambassador will help to explain company culture, policies and procedures, key resources, the go-to people for various topics, and job-specific procedures to all new hires. They ensure the new hire becomes acclimated with the day-to-day operations of CEC.

Safety begins with our orientation process, but it does not stop there. CEC’s safety program is communicated to team members through a comprehensive strategy that includes regular features in our company newsletter, ongoing use of our intranet, messages from senior leadership, office signage, presentations, and workshops. We are always working to measure the effectiveness of our program.

Formal mid-year goal review
The mid-year goal review discussion was implemented to help facilitate an important mid-year conversation to gauge progress on goals, help managers understand the challenges their team members are facing while trying to reach their goals, and to develop solutions together. The process also promotes career development discussions to ensure a focus on ongoing professional development.

Annual Review
CEC believes that a formal annual performance review process provides the opportunity for discussions related to job expectations and professional development. These conversations encourage feedback, and allow strengths to be recognized, and areas of opportunity to be discussed.

Our review process is aligned with our values, and it uniquely integrates our DMML career development model by measuring your performance against the competencies required for your role.

Step Up Your Game
Step Up Your Game is an internal technical conference that provides the opportunity for team members to present fresh content for regional and national conferences in front of an audience of their mentors and peers. It also serves as a platform to develop networking skills in a conference setting.

Brownbag Presentations
Each week, offices hold lunchtime brownbag presentations where they learn from internal and external experts about new topics.

Each month, there is a company-wide brownbag that ranges on topics from company financial updates to service offering updates.

Educational Training Courses (ETC)
ETC is an outward-facing training program instructed by CEC’s technical experts. CEC’s employees are encouraged to attend as well as lend their expertise as instructors. For more information, click here.

Expertise in Your Field
We encourage employees to seek Professional Licensure and Technical Certifications and we provide increases/bonuses for their achievements. We also provide honoraria for special speaking engagements and publications.

In addition, CEC offers other training and development opportunities that support your career as a consultant, on topics such as professional writing, virtual presentations skills, and more. 

Annual Planning Meeting
Our Annual Planning Meeting brings together over 300 leaders from across the company footprint together to gather ideas and discuss operations.

Mentoring Program
Our mentoring program supports our mission to provide our clients with a perceivably higher level of service by focusing on the client’s objectives, and by providing a positive work experience and career opportunities for our employees. 

Mentoring can help you:

  • Develop professionally & personally
  • Expand technical & leadership skills
  • Improve your engagement and self-awareness
  • Create opportunities for guidance on real work problems
  • Build a vital network
  • Maintain our culture
  • As a mentee, it helps you solve real work problems by having a sounding board to seek tried and true practical advice.
  • As a mentor,  you’ll have the opportunity to learn through the perspective of junior staff. 

Senior Leadership Development Program
This program focuses on helping you take your leadership to the next level. The program was conceived to ensure that high-performing leaders, with the potential to advance, have a clear understanding of our culture and vision for the organization as well as what we expect of senior leaders.

Project Manager Training
Each new Project Manager, whether a new hire or promotion, will attend a two-day Project Manager Training at CEC’s headquarters. This training focuses on CEC’s key fundamentals and approach to project management to help each manager hone their team and client relationship skills.

Career Development
Through CEC’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), team members maximize their knowledge and showcase their skills for the betterment of themselves, CEC, and our communities. Working closely with human resources and other departments, our ERGs also help develop innovative ways to attract, develop, and retain diverse, motivated, and socially aware talent.

Building Internal Networks
Our ERGs provide a way for employees to connect around shared interests and experiences.  It helps us maintain our close-knit culture as we continue to grow and expand.

Leadership Development
Each ERG has a steering committee comprised of leaders from across the company footprint. They offer a great learning lab to practice leadership skills and apply them to advancing the initiatives of a group that has special meaning to our volunteer members.

Kow Eshun

“CEC does what is needed to help you meet your goals. Leadership believes in every employee and provides avenues for professional growth and career advancement. I’m proud to work with a team of people who are highly motivated to learn and grow every day—like I am.”

Kow Eshun
Kow Eshun
Martinsburg Office Lead

Maximize Your
Career Opportunities

DO – As you begin your career at CEC, you will develop hands-on technical experience under the guidance of our senior-level professionals. You will have the chance to build your expertise by working directly with our diverse and extensive group of clients.

Manage – As your career experiences increase, you will have the opportunity to develop project management skills that can include directing the project process from start to finish. This includes writing proposals, managing and mentoring the project team, and bringing in the project on time and on budget.

Market – As your skills as a consultant grow, you will have the opportunity to grow and maintain a wide client base by finding new opportunities for CEC services. We’ll take you through the process, with personal guidance unlike any offered in the industry, for creating a long-term client base that will become an important asset in your future.

Lead – This is the pinnacle of our career development program. As a senior-level manager, you will have earned a respected place at CEC. More importantly, by following the DMML plan, you will have distinguished yourself by becoming a multi-faceted consultant.