Mission: iDEA’s mission is to facilitate professional dialogue involving emotive topics in a secure environment that encourages participants to respectfully share individual experiences in order to gain a shared conscious knowledge and understanding of each other’s unique perspective, and through this, develop processes and recommendations to implement programs for increasing inclusion, diversity, and opportunities within CEC and our communities. 

i = Inclusion as central to professional life; D = Diversity in the work force; E = Equality in opportunity; A = Awareness to understand, respect, and appreciate others

CEC iDEA has as its primary objectives to promote equality of opportunity between all industry professionals; to identify implicit bias, recognize the role it plays in our daily lives, and develop processes to mitigate its effects on professional and personal relationships; to provide a positive environment for inclusion, diversity, and employee engagement and unity; to develop processes that build alliances across our differences so that we can collectively eliminate all forms of discrimination; and to recommend actions that reach beyond CEC to promote the education of historically under-represented communities and promote collaboration between minority business enterprises and CEC.


Cuddy's restoration - Pittsburgh
Cuddy's Pittsburgh Restoration