Safety Culture

Safe Practices…

Supporting a culture of accountability

CEC is committed to continuous improvement in the area of health and safety in all aspects of our business.

Our objective is to eliminate injuries, property loss, and environmental damage by aligning work processes, systems, and behaviors so our team members can complete every task safely, every time.

The foundation of our safety program is a hazard recognition process. This empowers employees to proactively identify hazards, assess risks, eliminate or control risks, and stop work if required to prevent injury, illness, and environmental or property damage. Projects begin with a hazard assessment that identifies potential risks associated with the project site. Additional controls, such as a job safety analysis or site-specific Health and Safety Plan may be implemented.

What we’re doing:

  • Maintaining approved procedures for many specific work tasks
  • Providing quality safety training and education to all staff
  • Analyzing root causes of incidents
  • Developing lessons learned from those incidents

CEC’s safety program is communicated to team members through a comprehensive strategy that includes regular features in our company newsletter, ongoing use of our intranet, messages from senior leadership, office signage, presentations, and workshops. We are always working to measure the effectiveness of our program.

Safety Excellence Award Program

CEC implemented the Safety Excellence Awards in 2017 to recognize our offices for their proactive efforts in improving corporate safety culture and safety performance. Such efforts include completing required safety trainings and project safety planning, as well as the overall safe performance of project work.

There are two award categories: Small Offices (<100,000 man-hours/year) and Large Offices (100,000+ man-hours/year). The trophies, like the Stanley Cup, are passed from winning office to winning office each year.

2023 Winners
Ryan Dunning

Our senior leadership’s involvement in all levels of the safety process has firmly established a culture that embraces safety at the forefront of everything we do.  I trust that my coworkers are as concerned about my safety as they are their own.

Ryan Dunning
Ryan Dunning
Phoenix Office Safety Coordinator