The recruiting process in and of itself requires significant time and coordination, and we understand the amount of effort that goes into finding the right candidate. Because of this, CEC’s Talent Acquisition team occasionally selects temporary agencies and third-party search firms to help with our recruiting needs.  Knowledge of our industry and willingness to take the time to get to know our firm enables these temporary agencies and third-party search firms to become a strategic partner of CEC.

CEC’s Policy for Temporary Agencies or Third-Party Search Firms

Unless a third-party recruiter or his/her firm is under contract with CEC, we will not pay a fee for resumes received through our website or career portal, or directly by any of our employees. Any resumes sent by temporary agencies or third-party search firms not under contract with CEC will be considered the property of CEC.

CEC’s recruiting agreement is a pre-requisite to paying any fee to a third-party search firm, and must precede candidate referral, or resume submittal. All recruiting agreements must be signed and dated by the Manager of Recruiting prior to the date of resume submission. Our employees are not authorized to enter into agreements with temporary agencies or third-party search firms. Verbal commitments from any member of CEC’s staff will not be considered binding.