An Inspired Future. Own It.

A career at CEC is different. You will be challenged to turn big ideas into solid results, to grow your career alongside a growing company, and to take ownership of your contributions.

Work where you’re encouraged to explore your passions, where people come first, where above and beyond is the standard, and where you can own your future.

If you’re prepared to own it, we’d love to hear from you.

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Own It

Big Firm Opportunities
+ Small Firm Culture

There are clear but different advantages to working
for large or small firms. At CEC, you get both.

Big Firm Opportunities

Be a Leader

At other firms, opportunities for growth can be limited. At CEC, there is no limit to how high you can rise. Starting on your first day, you are on a path to senior leadership. You’ll get the support you need to advance.

Reap the Rewards

We attract and retain the best talent with a competitive compensation package, performance bonuses, profit sharing, and an impressive array of benefits.

Do Cool Work

At a big firm, you get the opportunity to work with leading-edge technologies on high-profile projects. Our clients turn to us to take on their most challenging problems, and we’re proud of the results we have delivered. Check out some of our best projects.

Small Firm Culture

Be an Owner

At a small firm, you get a chance to grow with the company. If you’re looking for a job that’s more than a paycheck, or a role where you’ll be more than a resource, employee ownership can make a big difference. Not only are our employees rewarded, they are engaged.

Work Among Friends

We know you can do a job anywhere. It’s the culture, the people, and the camaraderie that make CEC a better place to work. And at CEC, this is true throughout all levels of the organization. Our leaders maintain an open-door policy so you can share your initiatives, concerns, or just a laugh.

Know the Business

The more you understand about CEC’s business, the better you can serve your clients and develop professionally. That’s why we believe every employee should know the status of the company and the progress we’re making towards our goals. After all, more than half of all employees are owners of the firm.

Limitless Opportunities to Excel

We are committed to attracting, motivating and retaining the best talent in the industry. To do it, we support our employees in setting and exceeding their individual career goals. Our Do, Manage, Market, Lead (DMML) career path allows all of our employees to maximize their career opportunities along a single track.

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As you begin your career at CEC, you will develop hands-on technical experience under the guidance of our senior-level professionals. You will have the chance to build your expertise by working directly with our diverse and extensive group of clients.


As your career experiences increase, you will have the opportunity to develop project management skills that can include directing the project process from start to finish. This includes writing proposals, managing and mentoring the project team, and bringing in the project on time and on budget.


As your skills as a consultant grow, you will have the opportunity to grow and maintain a wide client base by finding new opportunities for CEC services. We’ll take you through the process, with personal guidance unlike any offered in the industry, for creating a long-term client base that becomes an important asset in your future.


This is the pinnacle of our career development program. As a senior-level manager, you will have earned a respected place at CEC. More importantly, by following the DMML plan, you will have distinguished yourself by becoming a multi-faceted consultant.

Commitment To
Diversity and Inclusion.

We believe that the diversity of our people is part of what makes CEC such a special place to work. Every member of our team brings unique strengths to the workplace, and by embracing those strengths, we are better able to deliver outstanding results for our clients. Read on to learn about our corporate employee resource groups dedicated to advancing women, inclusion, and diversity within our company.

In 2018, we launched CECWomen, a group steered by women to create internal and external opportunities to network and leverage one another’s professional experience; to open a dialogue and foster collaboration, feedback, education, and development on important topics of interest; and to intentionally promote and celebrate accomplishments. The group strives to recruit and retain talented and qualified women in the consulting industry; to provide professional development opportunities; and to promote a collaborative network of professional women, both inside and outside of CEC.

In 2020, a motivated group of CEC employees helped to launch a steering committee focused on advancing inclusion, diversity, equality, and awareness. Soon after, we introduced our new community of interest, CEC iDEA. The mission is to facilitate professional dialogue that encourages participants to respectfully share individual experiences in order to gain a shared conscious knowledge and understanding of each other’s unique perspective. Through this, CEC is able to develop processes and recommendations to implement programs for increasing inclusion, diversity, and opportunities within CEC and our communities.

In 2021, we launched CEC Ignite, a group formed to foster the growth and collaborative work of employees by providing internal and external opportunities for enhancement of technical, professional, and personal skills; to engage young professionals early in their careers; and to retain employees for the long term. CEC Ignite is steered by a group of young professionals and open to all employees. 

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