Employee Resource Groups


CEC Community

In this video, Dan Maltese, head of the CEC Community Steering Committee, takes us back to the launch of the program and its roots in CEC’s Culture. Dan explains a bit about the program’s mission and structure and also highlights some of the wonderful ways our employees give back.

CEC Fit!

Jaime Shimko, a member of the CECFit! committee, highlights the program and how it supports all CEC team members. Part of our company’s overall wellness initiative, CECFit! provides resources to help educate our employees and their families on how to better manage their care and make informed, healthy lifestyle choices.


Mario Ortega and Micah Sayles, two members of the iDEA Steering Committee, share the story of how this new group at CEC came to be. They talk about the dynamics of the initiative and their goals for fostering inclusion, diversity, equality, and awareness both inside and outside CEC.

CEC Women

Deanna Bobak, chair of the CEC Women Steering Committee, celebrates the role women have played at CEC, especially in the origins of the CECW program. Deanna highlights the group’s mission and bold objectives already underway, and the resources that empower women to leverage their professional experience.