CECW Holds Annual Meeting in Toledo

October 13, 2023
Last week, CECW held their Annual Planning Meeting and Women’s Leadership Development Workshop at the CEC Toledo office.
CECW is a group steered by women for all employees. Long-term objectives are to continue to recruit and retain talented and qualified women in the consulting industry; to provide professional development opportunities; and to promote a collaborative network of professional women and facilitate leadership growth, both inside and outside of CEC.
“I’m proud of us for our vision of CECW. Everyone involved is so passionate, and when we’re all together the energy in the room is amazing,” said CEC Greenville’s Britney Barnes.
The meeting and workshop took place over two days at CEC’s downtown Toledo office. The first day was geared towards planning. CECW broke out into their committee groups to discuss the past year, planning for the remainder of 2023, and looking at plans for the next year. Groups shared ideas, brainstormed, and collaborated to set up CECW for next year.
“The CECW 2024 Leadership is very bright. We have a lot of momentum, and deep relationships between us that’ll drive our mission in the coming year(s). I really feel that we’ve set the standard for what a CEC ERG group can be and achieve,” said CEC Nashville’s Tori Gallagher.
CEC Columbus’ Allison DePage and Kayla Haman shared a presentation from the Columbus CECW group. Allison and Kayla shared how they run the quarterly meetings for their office, and overall good practices to elevate women across the CEC footprint.
The second day of the retreat was an insightful Women’s Leadership Workshop led by Dr. Margaret Hopkins of the University of Toledo. Dr. Hopkins gave an intriguing lecture about gender inequality in the workplace and what different leadership styles look like and how they are best perceived.

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