Cameron Lange

Cameron Lange



Mr. Lange is an Aquatic Biologist with more than 43 years of experience in consulting to the public and private sectors.

He is a nationally recognized expert in impacts and control of non-indigenous/aquatic nuisance species, including zebra mussels, quagga mussels and Corbicula. He has conducted over 100 projects throughout the US and in Canada on monitoring and control of these species, for clients including New York City, the City of Baltimore, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the US Army Corps of Engineers, the State of Washington, and the New York Power Authority, as well as numerous power and water producers. Mr. Lange has conducted a variety of Research & Development studies related to developing cost effective, nonchemical and environmentally friendly means to control these species. He was on the faculty of a National Sea Grant sponsored training workshop that provided guidance related to the zebra mussel issue in over twenty-five states.

Mr. Lange has represented the State of Louisiana as a senior scientist in the Natural Resource damage Assessment (NRDA) Unit of the Incident Command Post for the BP Deep Water Horizon Gulf Oil Spill. He also has been responsible for quality assurance for all field activities for the marsh vegetation study that assessed the response of the vegetation to oiling.

Mr. Lange has also conducted many studies related to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission licensing of hydroelectric facilities. He has prepared preliminary permits, written Exhibit E’s (the environmental section of the license application) for both proposed and existing facilities, and conducted a variety of field investigations related to information gathering for the licenses.

Mr. Lange has also conducted numerous environmental studies related to fossil and nuclear power plants compliance related to 316 (a) & (b), and other state and Federal discharge requirements. Studies have included baseline aquatic studies, macroinvertebrate/water quality projects, impingement and impingement survival studies, and entrainment/entrainment survival investigations.

Mr. Lange had published and presented over 35 papers on a variety of topics related to non-indigenous species, fisheries investigations, and power plant impingement/ fish survival. Mr. Lange has also authored a number of articles for non-scientific and industry publications. He also has provided expert testimony related to utilization of macroinvertebrates to assess effects of intermittent inorganic releases on a riverine system.