Michael Sheleheda

Michael Sheleheda

Chief Technical Officer

(412) 429-2324

Mr. Sheleheda specializes in geotechnical and civil engineering. His experience includes serving as the lead engineer for various projects, including commercial, residential, retail, and industrial developments in both the private and public sectors. He has provided knowledge in various aspects of engineering, including foundation design and construction, earthwork, retaining walls, landslides, erosion and sedimentation control, stormwater management, land development planning, permitting, concrete construction, and quality control/assurance.

He provides expertise in geotechnical engineering design for all aspects of land development and construction. Projects have included establishing procedures for subsurface explorations, boring layout, soil sampling, and laboratory testing programs. Mr. Sheleheda has authored geotechnical reports regarding deep, shallow, and specialty foundation construction for projects in the real estate, natural gas, manufacturing, mining and public client sectors. Also, he has investigated and provided remedial recommendations for landslides, carbonaceous (expansive) shale, retaining walls, and mine grouting/subsidence. His responsibilities have included preparing bid packages, authoring specifications, and construction level drawings, as well as preparing expert reports for the legal and insurance industries.

In addition, Mr. Sheleheda has submitted erosion and sediment control plans, stormwater management plans, National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permitting for construction activities, land development plans, highway occupancy plans and existing permit modifications to regulatory and government agencies for various landfills, industrial and commercial developments, and other projects. These plans consist of the layout, design and analysis of culvert systems, detention ponds, and other best management practices, as well as incorporating local zoning and land development ordinances. Further, Mr. Sheleheda has authored surface mining and dam permit applications. Through his knowledge of local and state regulations, he has assured timely approvals through the regulatory process.

Mr. Sheleheda is a Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection approved preparer of Erosion and Sedimentation Control General Permits (ESCGP-1/2/3) documents for use in pipeline and other oil and gas related developments. In addition, Mr. Sheleheda has experience in the permitting and design of centralized impoundments for storage or water and wastewater to support gas drilling operations.

Mr. Sheleheda has authored and overseen various quality control and assurance programs. His experience in this area includes specialty foundations, retaining walls, landslide remediation, soil compaction, and concrete and pavement construction. Mr. Sheleheda has also served as the lead investigator and written investigative reports as to the causes and culpability for hydrologic and geotechnical related claims.