Scott Brown

Scott Brown

Senior Consultant

(980) 260-2102

Mr. Brown has more than 25 years of concentrated experience in solid waste engineering. He has extensive engineering and management experience associated with the planning, design, permitting, and construction of solid waste facilities. Mr. Brown has considerable experience in both private and public sectors.

Mr. Brown has managed due diligence evaluations, siting studies for evaluation of state and federal siting restrictions and directed numerous conceptual evaluations for optimizing layout of landfill facilities. He has provided comprehensive design, permitting, and management services to the waste industry to include preparation of detailed landfill grading/fill plans and details, analyses and design of landfill liner systems, leachate collection, gas extraction systems, and sediment and stormwater management systems. Mr. Brown has also prepared numerous closure and post-closure plans for these facilities, to include developing cost estimates for closure, operation and maintenance of these facilities. In addition, he has designed construction and demolition recycling facilities, tire processing facilities, composting facilities, and facility support areas (scale-house, scales, etc.).

Mr. Brown has also been responsible for planning projects including the development and implementation of C&D Recycling programs, Solid Waste Management Plans, development and administration of annual Solid Waste Enterprise Fund operational budgets including both revenue and expenditure projections; developed Capital Improvement Fund Ordinance which includes capital replacement schedule and recommendations of facilities, equipment, personnel and budget to meet program and organizational needs.