CEC Greenville’s Britney Barnes Takes Reins of CECW in 2024

January 8, 2024


Britney Barnes, a Project Manager II in Greenville’s environmental practice, is the new Chair for CEC Women (CECW).

Britney steps into the leadership role held by Deanna Bobak, a Water Resources Project Manager III in the Toledo office. “Deanna has done an amazing job blazing the path for CECW over the past several years. We have wonderful people on all the committees, and we all work well together,” Britney says.  She goes on to say, “I am excited to have the opportunity to continue the momentum Deanna has set in motion.” 

“Having been a part of CECW since it was initiated in 2017, I have been continuously impressed by how this group has developed from offering only a couple programs and a book study, to offering multiple programs,” she adds.

CECW is an Employee Resource Group steered by women for all employees. Long-term objectives are to continue to recruit and retain talented and qualified women in the consulting industry; to provide professional development opportunities; and to promote a collaborative network of professional women and facilitate leadership growth, both inside and outside of CEC.

To that end, there are CECW Office Champions in a number of locations. Britney wants to see one in every office across CEC’s national footprint.

“We lean on them as gateways to facilitate office participation,” she says. She notes Kayla Haman and Allison DePage in Columbus do a great job facilitating CECW programs, organizing small office networking events, getting office participation, and taking ownership of the Office Champion role.  “I hope we can encourage engagement like that in other offices this year,” she adds.  Britney also wants to raise awareness of and encourage the use of CECW’s Underwriting and Sponsorship Program this year. 

Britney looks forward to working with the talented and motivated Steering Committee members and Office Champions in the upcoming year. “The leadership we already have within CECW and the support we have from within the company will continue to propel this ERG forward and keep it ever evolving.”

She appreciates the support our corporate leaders across the company have provided to help establish, guide, and grow the program.  Britney also recognizes without individuals like Mary Guinee, Strategic Development Officer, who sits on the CECW steering committee as a senior advisor, CECW would not be where it is today.

“This year, CECW’s programing will be expanding, and we will be engaging and challenging our Office Champions to increase our reach across the CEC footprint. We will be intentionally engaging more individuals, in all positions, and providing opportunities for collaboration, leadership development, and networking. Stay tuned as we finalize our calendar for the year – it will be full,” Britney adds.

As Britney takes on this new leadership role with CECW, she fully embraces the following quote:

“Your purpose is not the thing you do; your purpose is what happens in others when you do what you do.”
— Jade Simmons

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