Risk Management Plans for Multiple Manufacturing Facilities


Kraft Foods North America, Inc.


Northfield, IL

CEC Services

  • Risk Management Plan, Multiple Plants
  • Geographic Diversity

Owner Objective

Kraft Foods North America, Inc. (KFNA) selected CEC personnel to prepare Risk Management Plans (RMPs) for a total of 15 KFNA and Nabisco plants located across the United States.

CEC Approach

CEC personnel provided the engineering services necessary to complete the RMPs. CEC personnel conducted site visits at each plant. The site visits consisted of the development of the worst case and alternative hazardous release scenarios, preliminary completion of RMP*Submit, evaluation of offsite receptors, review of emergency response plans, and review of any existing RMP documentation.

Processes evaluated at the facilities included ammonia and propane transfer and storage (KFNA requested that RMPs for propane be completed to comply with the “General Duty Clause” of 40CFR68.) RMPs, as well as supporting documentation, were prepared for all facilities. CEC personnel calculated the distance to endpoint for the worst case and alternative release scenarios by using RMP*Comp. CEC personnel also prepared an electronic copy of the EPA’s required RMP*Submit as specified by 40CFR68. All plans were submitted within KFNA’s schedule and budget requirements.

Worst Case Release Scenario Map (example only, not actual site)