Sunset Farms Landfill Final Closure


Republic Services


Austin, TX

CEC Services

  • Landfill Design and Permitting
  • Erosion and Sedimentation Control
  • Site Grading
  • Stormwater Management
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Quality Assurance

Owner Objective

Republic Services, Inc. (Republic) operated the Sunset Farms landfill in Austin, Texas for approximately 30 years. The permit on Sunset Farms required the site to stop accepting waste in November of 2015. Republic desired to have the entire 250-acre site capped and certified as closed by November 1, 2017.

CEC Approach

CEC prepared design plans for the closure of the landfill and divided the project into three phases, which consisted of 50 acres, 100 acres, and 100 acres in order to complete the closure by the deadline established by Republic. In addition to preparing the closure design plans, CEC also successfully processed three permit modifications to reflect material and configuration changes to the proposed final cover system.

During construction of each phase, CEC provided construction management and on-site Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) services to Republic to ensure that each phase was completed in accordance with the design plans and specifications, on schedule, and within the determined contract price. CEC’s CQA technician was on-site full-time for three years observing installation of general fill, geosynthetic clay liner, HDPE liner, geocomposite drainage layer, erosion layer, topsoil, and seeding and other erosion control measures.

At the completion of the final phase, CEC prepared the Engineer’s Certification, Deed Restriction, and other necessary closure paperwork to have the site declared as closed by the TCEQ. The site received final closure certification from the TCEQ on October 30, 2017.