CEC Philadelphia Celebrates 10th Anniversary by Sharing Some Favorite Projects and Fun Facts

January 12, 2024

As we enter 2024, CEC Philadelphia is wrapping up its 10-year anniversary.

The office was established in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, in March 2013, with an initial focus on solid waste engineering services and construction quality assurance (CQA). Environmental services were added shortly after in 2014, followed by air quality in 2017. In 2019, CEC Philadelphia acquired Cairone & Kaupp, Inc., a full-service site design firm in the area that merged landscape architecture and civil engineering.

As a growing CEC office, CEC Philadelphia’s in-house services have not only expanded in the solid waste market to include design, permitting, project management services, and surveying, but they also now serve manufacturing, power, public sector, and real estate markets. Additional service lines and markets are supported by the over 30 other CEC offices across the nation.

While CEC Philadelphia now has an impressive line of service offerings, it does not mean they do not also have fun. The office culture is firmly entrenched in a “work hard, play hard” philosophy.

In honor of the office’s 10-year anniversary, we have asked 10 Philadelphia staffers to share their favorite work project, as well as a fun fact about what they like to do outside of the office.

Jennifer Flannery, Office Lead
• One of my favorite projects is the new natural gas power plant in West Virginia, as I manage both across multiple practices and multiple offices.
• Fun fact: I play competitive international hockey in the National Ball Hockey League (NBHL).



Joon Pak, Senior Project Manager
• My favorite project, so far, is 1321 Rising Sun Road.
• More embarrassing than fun fact: I flunked kindergarten but skipped fourth grade.




Kartik Sewani, Staff Consultant
• My favorite is the Leachate Forcemain Replacement Project. It was the first one where I got an opportunity to use my geotech knowledge.
• Fun fact: As for my hobbies outside of work, I am currently writing a screenplay with my friend for his upcoming movie.



Rob Volkman, Designer
• My favorite project was a recent local residential project. We had to really work as a team to hammer that project out with no real time to do it. We knocked it out of the park.
• Fun fact: I once coached a youth ice hockey game with former Philadelphia Flyer Kjell Samuelsson.


Yarisol Mateo, Staff Consultant
• My favorite project would be William Penn. It was the first project I started working on in CEC and I’m still working on it. Everything that I have learned so far has been with that project or I have had to implement my skills on it.
• Fun fact: I’m a super nerd. I love reading (novels, manga, comics, anything goes), watching anime, and anything that has a fantasy world kind of vibe.


Blaine M. Orth, Senior Project Manager
• My favorite project has been Fairless LF for longevity’s sake.
• Fun fact: I go to the Fenwick Island, Delaware, beach during the summer and into the fall … usually a week or two, as well as long weekends.



Butch Kaupp,
• My favorite projects are the ones that improve the quality of life for disadvantaged inner-city residents.
• Fun fact: I was captain of my high school football team. I am currently reading all of Charles Dickens’ novels in chronological sequence.



David Bachman, Project Manager
• My favorite project is the Phase 1 in West Virginia (associated with the new natural gas power plant) because of the wonderful people I met at the site, and the beautiful location.
• Fun fact: I have visited 46 of the 48 contiguous states. I’ve not been to Oregon or Alabama.


David Fischer, Senior CADD Technician
• My favorite project is the Oxford Rehab & Health Center.
• Fun fact: I play my Telecaster Deluxe every chance I get.




Jeffrey Yost, Technician III
• My favorite project was assisting in the establishment of an easement on William Penn’s estate for the internment of Native American remains and artifacts.
• Fun fact: I’ve been learning to sail for the past 6 years.



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