The District at Westbridge Pointe


Neal McGee Homes, Inc.


Edmond, Oklahoma


Small Architects

CEC Services

  • ADA Accessibility Analysis
  • Erosion & Sedimentation Control/NPDES
  • Landscape Architecture/Land Planning
  • Predevelopment Site Investigations
  • Roadway Design
  • Site Grading/Earthwork Analysis
  • Stormwater Management/BMP Design
  • Utility Design
  • Erosion & Sediment Control Design and
  • Flood Routing and FEMA Map Revisions
  • NPDES Permit Negotiation
  • Stormwater BMP Design and Inspections
  • Construction Services

Owner Objective

Neal McGee Homes, Inc. (NMH) a commercial and residential builder and developer in the state of Oklahoma. NMH was looking to bring to Edmond a new development focused on community, entertainment and work. The District at Westbridge Pointe mixed-use development includes retail, restaurants, bars, and office. The District at Westbridge Pointe has 14 buildable lots ranging from 3,000 square feet to 4,440 square feet with parking, lighting, common area attractions, and road/streets access.

CEC Approach

Because the existing property was located within the regulatory floodplain, CEC performed hydrologic and hydraulic modeling to accompany a mass grading design to reclaim developable property from the floodplain. CEC also prepared a flood study and submitted it to the City of Edmond. Approval was granted for construction to reclaim floodplain property. In addition, a United States Army Corps of the Engineers (U.S. ACE) 404 Nationwide Permit was obtained for storm sewer improvements within the regulated waters of the U.S.

CEC sought to maximize the developable area while taking into consideration the courtyard area for the restaurants, floodplain, property setbacks, parking requirements, detention, and new utility alignments. There was a balancing act to maximum commercial space while allowing for the adequate common area, parking, and detention.

The developable area on the property was maximized in an efficient manner while allowing for the site amenities the client desired. The project is currently under construction.