Indianapolis and Pittsburgh Plant Trees

April 22, 2019
CEC Indianapolis employees joined Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB) for a tree-planting event in the Butler/Tarkington area of Indianapolis. KIB volunteers in many areas to help the environment. This tree planting was located just south of Butler University. The group planted trees within the right-of-way to provide shade as well as stormwater management (the area is within a combined sewer area, so the installation of the trees will help reduce the stormwater impact on these sewers). The shade will help reduce heat island effects on the environment. In the group photo, from left to right: Rusty Skoog, Jeff Bonner with daughter Jacey, Jonathan Pasyk, Ben Bemis, Ryan Slack, Greg Rasmussen, and Nick Justice.
In Pittsburgh, Jon Farrell hosted volunteers for a seeding and tree planting event at Twin Hills Trails Park in Mt. Lebanon as part of the multi-year restoration plan to remove invasive non-native bush honeysuckle and to promote re-establishment of native tree canopy. The Parks Advisory Board (of which Jon Farrell is a member) worked with the Mt. Lebanon Nature Conservancy and Mt. Lebanon Public Works to draft a restoration plan, obtain a budget through the Municipal Commission, coordinate contractors, and organize volunteers in the invasives clearing and re-planting of eight acres of the 25-acre park. Over 200 trees and 100 pounds of seed, including 40 different native hardy plant species, were used last fall and this spring to compete with the invasives, thus creating a sustainable landscape.

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