Jeff Erickson, Industry and Civil Site Design Leader, Retires from CEC

December 17, 2020

We announce, with great fondness for our friend and colleague, the retirement of Jeff Erickson after having served 36 years in the business. We know Jeff has made a tremendous impact in the business community in Arizona and has certainly given his all to his many wonderful clients, whom he considers friends.  

Jeff EricksonJeff has spent the past three years at CEC expanding our expertise and capabilities in metropolitan Phoenix and throughout the southwest alongside his business partner Tom Meeks. The two started their civil engineering firm Erickson & Meeks Engineering (EME) back in 2000 after working together for seven years. EME operated until 2017 when the firm joined CEC to give their clients new access to environmental services. Jeff and Tom knew the move was part of a succession plan for their firm and stellar employees, and they wanted their business legacy to thrive at a firm providing similar exemplary service. 

And it has thrived. 

Because we are committed to exemplary service, our team at CEC has implemented a comprehensive transition plan to ensure continuity of our existing projects and services, and you can expect to keep working with the capable, highly skilled professionals you have grown familiar with over the past few years since Jeff joined us. Jeff has been a thorough and thoughtful mentor for our team and has taken the time to translate his wealth of experience and knowledge to the next wave of civil site design leaders here at CEC. We have a deep bench of seasoned veterans who are already handling or who are ready to handle your projects.

We are excited for Jeff in his next chapter, and we’re also excited to have the opportunity to forge even deeper relationships and offer more comprehensive services to all of you. We will continue to provide an unmatched level of accountability and consistency to every project. 

As soon as the pandemic allows, we intend to hold the kind of retirement send-off party Jeff deserves. Stay tuned for an announcement from us in early 2021.

In the meantime, please reach out to Ryan Dunning, Phoenix office lead, or to any of the following individuals with whom you are familiar and comfortable as we transition into a promising 2021. 

Tom Meeks
Jim Campbell
Tim Poe
Ray Smith






Check out what some of Jeff’s colleagues had to say:

Jeff has been my partner and friend for almost 30 years. I can’t think of a more capable engineer in the Valley. Most of what I’ve learned in this industry has come from the many years of mentoring and collaborating with Jeff. You will not find a more avid outdoorsman than Jeff. Happy hunting/fishing/golfing, Mr. Erickson!
–Tom Meeks


Jeff has been a ton of fun to work with and really changed the entire dynamic of the office for the better when he joined us three years ago. He imparted his deep knowledge of this industry on his coworkers and taught us to enjoy our work. We are all proud to have worked with Jeff and wish him well in his return to the farm in Nebraska. Those who know Jeff know he’s not really retiring, because you can’t retire from being awesome.
–Ryan Dunning


Jeff has been a friend and mentor to me for 25 years. He is a true Civil Engineer in every sense of the word. Trust me when I say this Industry will miss him dearly.
–Ray Smith


Jeff has a larger-than-life personality that brings passion, excitement and fun to all who work with him. His desire to serve our clients, solve their engineering challenges and mentor junior staff has been an inspiration to all of us in the Phoenix office and across the company.
–Steve Myers

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