CEC Phoenix Expands Waste Management Team

May 4, 2021

The capabilities and service offerings of CEC’s Phoenix office continue to grow and diversify, and our Waste Management Practice is now stronger than ever. Paul Burns has returned to CEC, and Mike Heinstein, Denise Manchego, and Farnaz Seraj have joined the team. They each possess specialized expertise that makes our team uniquely qualified to respond to our client needs in the southwestern and western U.S.

Paul Burns

Paul Burns
Principal, Waste Management

CEC welcomes Paul’s return! He has more than 35 years of operational expertise, having previously spent most of his career working for a waste management company. He is expanding the services in the Phoenix office as the Waste Management practice lead, enabling CEC to reach new geographies across the West, including Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. A practitioner in all aspects of waste management, he helps businesses, government entities, and communities address complex solid waste challenges in ways that are safe, sustainable, and cost effective.

Paul is skilled in public meeting management, contract negotiations, financial management (including operating costs and annual and long-term capital programs), and regulatory permitting and compliance. He is adept at community engagement and the advancement of strategic objectives with public agencies and elected officials. Paul is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the Solid Waste Association of North America.


Mike Heinstein, P.E.
Senior Project Manager, Waste Management

Mike has 33 years of experience in solid waste capital project management and facility construction projects. He has experience with rail transfer, disposal, and recovery facilities, landfill cells, landfill gas extraction systems and flares, and other infrastructure. He can coordinate work between contractors and subcontractors while maintaining regular communication with clients and state and federal regulatory agencies. A registered Professional Engineer in Oregon, Wyoming, and South Dakota, Mike is a member of the Wyoming Solid Waste and Recycling Association and the Wyoming Engineering Society.

Denise Manchego
Project Manager, Waste Management

Denise is a mechanical engineer with more than 20 years of landfill design and permitting experience. She has been responsible for the planning, engineering, and design of landfill gas and condensate systems. She has prepared numerous Title V applications and has negotiated favorable permit conditions on behalf of her clients. Denise has assisted clients with compliance demonstrations, regulatory reporting requirements, and the mediation and dismissal of potential permit violations. She was a manufacturing engineer for a manufacturer of blowers and air compressor systems, where she was responsible for the complete design and fabrication of air and gas moving systems, including pumping systems, compressors, and controls.

Farnaz Seraj
Staff Consultant, Waste Management

Farnaz is a staff consultant in our Phoenix office. She is assisting with a landfill closure project in Arizona, which is utilizing an evapotranspiration cover over the landfill. Additionally, she is assisting our team with aerial budgeting models and five-year plans for more than a dozen landfill sites across the southwest. Farnaz has a master’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington. Among a variety of academic projects Farnaz worked on was designing a landfill to serve the City of Bogota, Colombia. Farnaz also worked as a graduate research assistant and instructor at the University of Texas-Arlington. 

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