Amphibian, wildflower walks help educate public about nature in their own backyards

May 10, 2021

CEC staff continue to take opportunities to educate the public about the world around them. Recently, Sara Keddie and Kyle Filicky of CEC Pittsburgh participated in educational nature walks in the Pittsburgh area.

Garter snake
Garter snake

Sara and Kyle led an amphibian walk at the Independence Nature Conservancy, where they discussed the important of amphibians, amphibian habitats, and the identification features of common amphibians. Attendees of the walk searched vernal pools and stream banks, and found a population of white trout lily plants, which are listed as vulnerable in Pennsylvania. As a result of the finding, the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources was contacted.

A week later, Kyle also led a two-hour-long wildflower walk at the conservancy, where participants learned about native plants, wildflowers, wetlands, and the natural wonders that exist in their own backyards. Among the flowers discussed on the walk were wood betony, toadshade, blue-eyed Mary, woodland phlox, and Virginia bluebells.

Wood betony
Blue-eyed Mary
Blue-eyed Mary
Woodland Phlox
Woodland phlox
Virginia bluebells

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