Beth Crisco-Kestner: A Leader in Structural Engineering

August 5, 2022

Beth Crisco-Kestner, P.E., a Project Manager III from CEC Knoxville, has been very busy since rejoining our team in May of this year. Beth is a boomerang employee originally joining our team in January of 2017.

Beth recently co-taught a class with Robert Johnson, Vice President and head of the Structural Engineering group in Knoxville, hosted by their local Associated General Contractors office and the Construction Specifications Institute chapter. The class is a seven-part series that includes teachings from multiple disciplines including architecture, civil engineering, structural engineering, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering (MEP), and specification writing. The class educates local contractors and their teams on how to read and interpret construction documents and plans. It is interactive and engaging by providing an opportunity for construction field laborers, foremen, and superintendents to communicate, ask questions, and share ideas with engineers and designers.

In June, Beth attended the National Council of Structural Engineers Associations (NCSEA) Leadership Retreat. Beth has been the State Delegate for the Tennessee association and a member of the council’s Internal Communications Committee since 2020. Each state has its own association, and the council provides resources for the leaders of each to come together. During the two-day conference, there were plenty of meetings focused on increasing engagement in each leader’s SEA. Beth says the retreat was very beneficial and allowed her to meet other leading structural engineers from around the country. 



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