CEC Fishers’ Cross, Kane Garner Multiple Subcontractors of the Month Honors

July 7, 2023

Every morning Eric Cross and Austin Kane and rest of the CEC Fishers survey crews head out into the field. The majority of their days are spent on Compass Commercial Construction Group sites, as CEC is the sole surveyor for the groups’ numerous projects.

Eric (Project Manager I) and Austin (Survey Technician III) are both recipients of the Compass Subcontractor of the Month recognition.

“When they (Compass) have a job, they call us. When they have a problem, they call us. We do late night, weekend work for them. They know they ask a lot of us because we always deliver,” Eric says. “Our work with them is truly a team effort. CEC guys are out in the heat, out in the field working on these Compass projects.”

CEC has several Compass jobs to get going in the next few months, to be undertaken by Fishers three field crews. “We provide a premium service. We pick the jobs we want to do,” he adds.

Austin says he checks in with the Compass site superintendent every morning before the crews begin work. “We lay out what we are doing for the day and make sure we are all on the same page. It’s important to establish a good relationship in the field.” He reiterates the team spirit between CEC and Compass.

The Subcontractor of the Month recognition is proof that the partnership and team spirit works both ways.

“I am very proud of what Eric and Austin has accomplished with Compass Commercial Construction Group.  To be recognized in this highly competitive marketplace is quite the achievement. This is a great example of our DMML (Do Manage Market Lead) model. We are doing what we say we will do and not wavering. By managing multiple Compass Projects in the Indianapolis market. Marketing our services in a positive way and leading the competition is always a great feeling of accomplishment. Both Eric and Austin exemplify the DMML model,” says Terry Wright, P.S., and Principal, in the Indianapolis office.

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