Elina Geut of CEC Knoxville Named Tennessee’s Outstanding Young Engineer

September 28, 2023

Elina Geut, E.I.T., is the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) 2023 Outstanding Young Engineer for the state of Tennessee.

An assistant project manager in CEC’s Knoxville office, Elina said she was surprised to be invited to the recent ASCE awards event and told she’d been nominated.  It was an even bigger surprise when she won. “When they called my name, I was shocked.”

The Outstanding Young Engineer honor is given to an ASCE member under 35 who exemplifies technical confidence, leadership within the discipline, as well as in the community.

Elina Geut is the 2023 Outstanding Young Engineer for the state Tennessee.

Elina says it is an honor to be recognized by her peers both within the firm, as well as professional groups. “It’s good to poke your head above the water and see the rewards of the work.”

Elina has been with CEC since 2020 and has made quite an impression during her tenure. Elina names Robert Johnson, a Vice President in CEC Knoxville, as a mentor.

“She is a hard worker and cares very much about the work she produces. Her attention to detail and desire to understand the projects she’s supporting has helped her know the right questions to ask in order to keep projects moving forward and identify potential issues early on,” he says of Elina.

Robert adds her performance has consistently been beyond what he had expected for her years of experience.

“When Aaron Henry moved from the Knoxville Structural Group to take on his current role as Office Lead, it left quite a void in our group. Elina picked up many of the tasks that Aaron had started and worked diligently to keep those tasks on track. She coordinated with other disciplines, project managers, clients, and vendors, as well as our group to maintain momentum on design work and production for the projects,” he adds.

Aaron echoes Robert’s observations.

“Beyond being a terrific young engineer, Elina also serves as the office champion for the CEC Women Employee Resource Group and the Chair of the Knoxville ASCE Young Member Group,” he says. Elina credits CECW with playing a significant role in her professional development.

Whether she’s responding to client requests or engaging in friendly games of ping pong or spicy food challenges, Aaron says Elina can always be counted upon to jump in and with maximum effort.

“Her enthusiasm makes her a joy to be around, and we are thankful to have her in the Knoxville Office,” he says,

“She is well deserving of the award, and I personally am extremely grateful to have her on our team,” Robert concludes.

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